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Why perfectionism wrecks self esteem

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Mark Tyrrell
Mark Tyrrell, Author of course Uncommon Self Esteem Tips
  • "If only my nose was straighter...then I'd be confident and happy!"
  • "If only I earned ten thousand more a year...then my life would be good!"
  • "If only I could be exactly the same as Bob...then I'd feel great about my/himself!"

Have you ever thought like that?

Of course life doesn't work like that.

Because much of what we feel inferior about is relatively superficial; the non-superficial part of us will always feel left wanting by external band-aid remedies.

Sure, you might have more confidence with a straighter nose for a while, but you are much more likely to forget about comparing yourself to others (either favourably or unfavourably) when you live your life in a sustainable way that utilizes your real core character strengths, values, and personal ideas.

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Published by mark.tyrrell December 9th, 2013 in