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Learn Self-Forgiveness and Release the Pressure

Joan had been a model wife since the "stabbing incident" and her husband loved and appreciated her despite the squabble twenty-eight years before that had ended up with him in hospital

How to Control Your Emotions

Once there lived an old man who kept all different kinds of animals. But his grandson was particularly intrigued by two tigers that lived together in one cage. The tigers had different temperaments; one was calm and self-controlled whilst the other was unpredictable, aggressive, violent, and vicious.

How to Know Yourself

To make living easier, much of life has to be mechanical and automatic.

But if all we are is a matrix of on/off buttons, then where exactly in all of that is your free will? Where is your independence to rise above your own conditioning? To be more than a fleshy robot reacting predictably to environmental stimuli produced, as they were, from the accident of what culture you happened to be born into?

How to Improve Your Mood

Chronic moodiness can be a symptom of prolonged stress (in which case dealing with the stress should make you less moody), and blood sugar imbalance or hormonal fluctuations can also affect mood. But it's also true to say that moodiness can become a way of life, a habit. And whatever the cause of our moodiness, we can all get better at managing our emotions.

How Not to Get Radicalized

We assume that beliefs have more to do with logical, intelligent rationality than they actually do. But beliefs, especially strong ones, tend to be inculcated through emotion, not reason and logic.

Let Go of the Past

The present and future didn't seem to exist for her. I suspected she'd had lots of the kind of 'therapy' that feels it's best to dig continually into the past. What had all that historical focusing actually done for her?

The Soul of a Shoe

A touching tale about truly understanding what life is like for others.

How to Control Your Anger

It used to be thought that it was 'healthy' to express anger - to 'let it all out,' so as to prevent the damage it would do you if you 'bottled it all up.' But modern research into health and mortality has found that extreme anger is just as damaging to the heart and immune function if it is released as it is if you keep it in.

4 Decision-Making Mistakes That Will Mess Up Your Life

How do you make a decision? And how will you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is the right one?

Take Control of Yourself

Ever heard of Dr Faustus? He was the chap who sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for twenty-four years of ultimate personal indulgence. He gets to kiss (and more) that ship-launching incomparable beauty Helen of Troy and do all kinds of things that you or I would probably quite like to do given half the chance and if no one was looking.