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How to Get to Know Yourself

Really get to know yourself and you might be surprised at what you find.

How to Be a More Manly Man

We males have much higher levels of testosterone pumping around our systems, making us more naturally suited to risk taking, competitiveness, and physical activity. To deny masculine traits is to deny our birthright.

How to Stop Worrying What Other People Think

I've met people who don't care at all what others think. These may be lovely people in some ways, but they tend to do to social situations what, say, an unseasonable heat wave might do to the Winter Olympics. Still, in some ways you can envy them.

The Art of Psychological Self-Defence

You, I, and everyone will be manipulated. At least to some degree. And if we don't understand how this happens, we're more vulnerable to being manipulated by malevolent forces.

Best Man Speech Tips: Relax, Inspire, and Amuse

He'd been so terrified of his best man's speech he drunk half a bottle of whisky, tripped over the microphone, and belched casually at the audience before stumbling away. He'd made an impact all right, but not the one he (not to mention the bride and groom) had hoped for.

Do You Have No Willpower?

I'm sure you've had times when your intentions were good, when you really believed what you wanted to do was positive and for the best...but somehow the actual doing of the exercise, focusing on that project, sticking to that diet, or building that business didn't really materialize. Willpower matters because it helps make the possible real.

How to Overcome Perfectionism in Everyday Ways

If you really are a perfectionist, you've probably already found it troublesome; possibly even a deal-breaker in some instances - a royal road to disappointment and anguish, not to mention impaired relationships.

Do You Wonder How to Be More Feminine?

Okay, right off, you might think: "Who the heck is he, a man, to tell me, a woman, how to be more feminine! How dare he? Humph!"

Well, I figured women write about men and masculinity, so I'm going to write about femininity.

How to Keep a Cool Head

"They called me 'Mr Cool'. I was the guy that diffused live bombs. I was totally calm, detached, and professional before, during, and after an operation. But all I can say is I've lost my cool."