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Depression Self Help articles

Why am I Depressed?

Knowing both how depression works and why you may be feeling a bit depressed at the moment can help you begin to combat it more effectively. The first question I want you to ask yourself is: What is my life lacking at the moment, causing me to feel depressed?

Self Help for Depression

Feeling depressed is horrible. Depression saps motivation, energy, sociability, optimism, and peace of mind. And what does it replace these things with? Despair, anxiety, regret, 'restless sleep', loss of confidence, hopelessness, and exhaustion. Find out what you can do about it, now.

The Antidepressant Industry's Dirty Little Secret

I am not anti-medication, per se. But I am against medication that isn't really medication at all. It wouldn't matter so much that antidepressants are basically active placebos if the side effects weren't so potentially nasty and dangerous.