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How to Wake Up Bright and Breezy

Have you ever noticed that the average amount of sleep people seem to need is always 'five more minutes'? The dreaded alarm goes off or your partner yells at you to WAKE UP! And it's "just give me five more minutes" - as if 300 more measly seconds will replenish the awakener all they need for the day ahead.

How to Go Back to Sleep

Deep sleep is something we all need for physical and mental health. Here I want to discuss specific ideas to help you drift back off to sleep after night time awakening.

Why Do We Dream?

The ground-breaking research of the eminent psychologist Joseph Griffin shows us, with the 'expectation fulfilment' understanding of dreams, what the brain is really doing while we sleep.

How to Cure Insomnia Naturally

"Sleep. That's all I need, just some sleep. I've suffered insomnia for years and it's got worse." Natalie was in her fifties. She told me how she had driven around New Zealand recently and barely slept a wink the whole time. "I've always had trouble switching off, getting to sleep, and staying asleep. I was on sleeping pills but they didn't help. I've tried hypnotherapy, exercising during the day, even faith healing! You'd think driving all day in New Zealand would have worn me out enough to sleep, but it didn't."

How to Drift Off to Sleep Effortlessly

What makes you happy? Riches? Beautiful clothes? Come on, we can do better than that. What about wonderful experiences? A glimpse of sunshine gently sliding though winter trees? A job well done? A skill mastered? Shared time with a friend or lover? Skipping through a meadow?

Can't Sleep? Hypnosis Can Help

It's 3 am and you've woken up again! Or maybe you haven't even slept at all! Perhaps you can't bring yourself to look at the lousy time. Why can't you sleep?

5 Restful Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

We all know that caffeine and nicotine stimulate and should be avoided for at least three hours before bedtime, but there are other kinds of stimulants just as hazardous to a good night's kip.