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Shopping Addiction - Help You Can Use Now

Dan had a shopping addiction. I doubt whether he even used that £10,000 camera and, thankfully, I talked him into taking it back and getting a refund. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

How to Overcome Porn Addiction and Get Your Life Back

Internet porn addiction, like online gambling, is easier to fall into, because what once involved going out and meeting others face-to-face can now be done easily and covertly at the click of a button. This availability makes it all the more potentially devastating. So why does porn addiction happen?

Get Control of Your Own Alcohol Abuse

Think of the words we use to describe taking alcohol: A quick 'jar', a 'nip, bevy, wee dram' - we have affectionate terms for drinks and that's a problem. Seeing something as a supportive friend when it's undermining your very existence makes it all the harder to quit. Of course no 'friend' should be a problem. A thief may seem charming, companionable, and cute - but they are still a thief.

Am I an Alcoholic?

"Am I an alcoholic?" Lionel asked me with a tinge of desperation. I studied his face. Broken veins, dark under-eye circles, sunken cheeks. Lionel was thirty.

Achieving Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal needs to be approached in just the right way and if you have been drinking profusely, then I urge you to seek medical assistance. The tips in this article can be used as an adjunct to supervised medical alcohol withdrawal.

How to Stop Drinking Wine Every Day

I'm all for people living their lives how they choose. And I love wine; but, as we all know, more is most definitely not better, not in the long- or even short-term. It's easy to kid ourselves we're not drinking too much wine, to pretend it's harmless. But millions of people have let an innocent nightly tipple turn into a mortally threatening compulsion.

Are You a Coffee Addict?

Geoff had come to see me for help with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Toward the end of the session, he casually mentioned: "Yeah, I love coffee; I drink twenty cups a day!"

Overcome Masturbation Addiction

"It feels compulsive now," he told me. "It's worse when I'm stressed and I've even started doing it in the restroom at work! It's as if I can't have an erotic thought or even a stressful situation without feeling I have to go masturbate!"

How to Stop Obsessive Cleaning

A woman joked to me once that she wished her husband could develop an addictive fascination with tidying! Could I, she wondered, help implant a "mania for cleanliness" in her husband using the dark arts of hypnosis?