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Uncommon self help articles for anxiety, self esteem, confidence, peak performance and more. Plus everything you need to know about hypnosis and why it can be such an effective tool for mental health.

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  • Why Did They Do That?!

    People can be baffling sometimes, and getting better at observing others and reading their intentions can improve your personal and professional life – and sometimes help you to help them.
  • Self Sabotage in Relationships: 8 Love-Destroying Behaviours You Must Avoid

    By thinking calmly and carefully about what you do in relationships, and considering whether any relationship-sabotaging behaviours seem familiar, you can become more purposeful in the way you approach your relationship.
  • 5 Fulfilling Ways to Control Your Hunger

    There is evidence to show that both the dangerously obese and the dangerously underfed are both undernourished. In other words, it's possible to be eating vast amounts and still be underfed.
  • Take Control of Yourself

    Ever heard of Dr Faustus? He was the chap who sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for twenty-four years of ultimate personal indulgence. He gets to kiss (and more) that ship-launching incomparable beauty Helen of Troy and do all kinds of things that you or I would probably quite like to do given...
  • How Hypnosis Can Help You Succeed

    Jack, Jill and myself all had the experience I'm sure you've had too. Learning went from conscious trying to unconscious capability. Imagine if you had to consciously think about every single movement, major and miniscule, that it took you to your clothes on or make a cup of tea, these skills are...
  • “I can't be hypnotized - I'm too strong-willed!”

    One thing I have noticed from my experience is that people who are able to direct powerful concentration are often better hypnotic subjects.

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