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When you read a self help article, you actually want to feel better, right? Mark Tyrrell's uplifting free psychological self help articles are carefully crafted to make a difference right now.

How to Stop Compulsive Lying

Turns out Claire had lied since she was little. Recently she'd lied at work, telling everyone she was terminally ill with cancer. She'd got a huge amount of sympathy and attention, not to mention extended time off. Now she'd been found out and fired.

Overcome Masturbation Addiction

"It feels compulsive now," he told me. "It's worse when I'm stressed and I've even started doing it in the restroom at work! It's as if I can't have an erotic thought or even a stressful situation without feeling I have to go masturbate!"

How to Stop Lip Biting

My teeth missed the hors d'oeuvre for which they'd been aiming and I bit painfully into my own lip. Ouch! You'd think that after a lifetime of eating practice, these kinds of nibbling errors would have been ironed out. I winced, pretending that nothing was awry as pain stabbed my lower lip like...

Shopping Addiction - Help You Can Use Now

Dan had a shopping addiction. I doubt whether he even used that £10,000 camera and, thankfully, I talked him into taking it back and getting a refund. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

How to Watch Less TV

You've maybe heard it said that as a person is drowning, their whole life plays before their eyes. But imagine if most of your memories are not yours at all but made up of thousands of hours of other people's experiences. Many people's future memories will be passively absorbed chunks of other...

Are You a Coffee Addict?

Geoff had come to see me for help with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Toward the end of the session, he casually mentioned: "Yeah, I love coffee; I drink twenty cups a day!"

How to Increase Your Motivation at Work

There were once three lazy sons. While their father worked hard on the farm, they lounged, squabbled, ate, and drank. Eventually the father died and left them a will. They were greedily delighted when they saw what it read...

How to Stop Obsessive Cleaning

A woman joked to me once that she wished her husband could develop an addictive fascination with tidying! Could I, she wondered, help implant a "mania for cleanliness" in her husband using the dark arts of hypnosis?

Be a Great Conversation Starter: Talk to Strangers with Ease

"Don't talk to strangers!" To which a pedantic (and annoyingly bright) seven-year-old might reply: "What, never! How about when I'm forty; at a party or having a job interview?"

Flirting Tips Made Simple

She was out of - no, infinitely beyond - my league. In fact, my team should scrap thoughts of ever being in any league again. She radiated gorgeousness, a knowing blend of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly (both of whom would have been dimmed by her radiance). Alabaster skin, curves like the Amazon,...
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