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Stop Being a Hypochondriac

The paradox of hypochondria is that the sufferer often knows they are a hypochondriac even whilst maintaining they are justified in believing they are ill.

Natural Wart Treatment: How hypnosis can help

It used to be believed that warts were caught from handling frogs or, more specifically, toads (warts are viral, but not toad-related). It was also believed that the local practitioner of magic could 'charm them' away.

How to Improve Blood Circulation

"I've been told I've got poor blood circulation and if I don't do something about it, I could be dead before I'm fifty!" Brian was morbidly overweight, stank of cigarettes, and admitted to a "terrible temper" - all these things individually can contribute to high blood pressure.

How to Stop Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding used to really bug a pal of mine. He'd wake in the morning with an aching jaw, he'd catch himself grinding absentmindedly during the day, and pretty soon his teeth started to look like crumbling tombstones in a bad western movie.

Stop Migraine Headaches

What was happening to me? One moment I was feeling fine among high school classmates gathered around the piano as another boy played; the next, I was nauseous, seeing flashing lights, and feeling like a number twelve boot had been solidly placed, at great speed, into the side of my head.

How to Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally

Elaine was well into her seventies when she came to see me, hoping that hypnosis could help her reduce her high blood pressure naturally and avoid the need for drugs. I asked her about her lifestyle and found that she had done - and was doing - all the things you too should do to naturally lower blood pressure.

How to Stop Shy Bladder Syndrome

Okay, we've all been there (help me out here, fellas): you're standing at the urinal; you want to go, just can't. Anxiety, embarrassment, self-consciousness, feeling pressured around others; whatever the cause, most of us have sometimes experienced shy or 'bashful bladder'.