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Relieve Tension in Your Mind and Body

Tension may be okay in the short-term, but long-term it's a warning. Here are some ways for you to relieve tension to make sure you can become more productive, healthy, and satisfied with your life.

Are You Really Having a Midlife Crisis?

In your twenties, if you take up a new hobby or decide to travel, it's just seen as you being who you are. But in your forties, any new decision or change in direction leaves you open to diagnostic mutterings of, "Ah, midlife crisis!" Life is full of transitions, but when you make them in your middle years, it's labelled a crisis.

Spotting Nervous Breakdown Symptoms

"She's had a nervous breakdown!" Half whispers, hushed tones, fear; something strange, to my young mind, had happened to "the woman down the street at number 36." I had no idea what a nervous breakdown was or what the symptoms were, but I sensed it was an awful, mysterious, terrifying thing.

How to Achieve Your Goals with Less Stress

Once humans stopped being chased by lions and bears, we found other things to worry about. Things that weren't physical threats, like deadlines and expectations, time pressures and simply too much to do.