Hypnosis Heroes articles

How Maria fixed the relationship with her poisonous mother and found her power in the process

Yesterday's panic attack was the worst she'd had in months, Maria remembered desperately

Midlife Crisis - Banished!

At 40, manager Darrell wonders where his energy and passion - and physique - went

'How Hypnosis Helped Me' Competition Winners

Let's face it, hypnosis is often dismissed as a fringe idea. But we think it's far from fringe. In fact, it's perhaps the most central element to being human.

What's more, we know it works...

How understanding her own needs helped a lonely therapist rediscover her passion

Lonely and sad are two things Janet never thought she'd be. But with her kids moved away and her business slowing down, she's lost her old joie de vivre. She needs to shake things up, but how?

Mike's Self Confidence Upgrade

How he became confident with women, stood up to bullies, and took control of his life

How an overwhelmed mother of three brought herself back from the brink of a nervous breakdown

Screaming kids, mounting debts, absent husband... How did I get here?