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How to Watch Less TV

You've maybe heard it said that as a person is drowning, their whole life plays before their eyes. But imagine if most of your memories are not yours at all but made up of thousands of hours of other people's experiences. Many people's future memories will be passively absorbed chunks of other people's lives glimpsed from tens of thousands of hours glued to the television. Will you be one of those people?

How to Increase Your Creativity

"Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." (Albert Einstein) True creativity is fresh, new, and unexpected. And it can be shocking.

How to Improve Memory and Concentration

Concentration is vital if you want to achieve anything. How and on what you focus determines what kind of life you have. Any great piece of music, painting, tennis stroke, surgical procedure, book, hoop shot, building, movie, or computer programming can only come about through the transforming power of deep and prolonged concentration.

How to Stop Procrastinating

She had two weeks to complete her degree dissertation. The culmination of three years of study, the key to her chosen career - and was she getting down to it? No. As she told me bitterly of her endless procrastinating: "I'm a rabbit caught in headlamps!"

How to Stop Self Sabotage Behaviour

People seldom mean to sabotage themselves. It's not generally a conscious decision to spoil things - and that's a problem. We can be left with the feeling: "Why did I do that?!" Many of our emotional drivers remain unconscious, which is why chronic self saboteurs will often use conscious justification (or what seem like excuses) to explain their actions.

7 Self-Discipline Techniques

Exercising self-discipline can make the difference between an averagely talented person doing something amazing with their lives and a naturally talented person realizing very little of their potential.

Five Uncommon Perspectives on Procrastination

Understand your own approach to getting things done (or not!)