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Who Wouldn’t Want to Be More Charismatic?

If you're in the market to be more charismatic, here's a riddle for you: What makes you attractive even if you're ugly? What moves people to take notice even if you're penniless? What invisible 'magic' can seduce, convince, inspire, and mesmerize others? You're ahead of me - it's charisma, of course. Like gravity, which cannot be seen but has powerful effects, we can't 'see' charisma but we know when someone has it.

How to Be More Attractive

I had merely exclaimed to a pal (perhaps a tinge enviously) how women seemed to fall at his feet. How did it happen? I was still under the illusion that looks were all when it came to dating, but Matt didn't have looks, he wasn't tall or rugged, but he was funny, razor sharp, confident, knew how to talk, and he had his own unique style. In short, he had 'something about him' in bucket loads.

The Holy Man and the Snake

Or how not to be taken for granted.

Ending Therapy - Is it Time to Fire Your Therapist?

Unfortunately, some therapists form relationships with their clients which can only be described as 'emotional entrapment'. Here's how to break free.

Overcome Fear of Confrontation

She was intimidating - twenty years older than my 23 summers - but I had to confront her. I was her manager and her bullying of another female member of staff had to stop.

Why You Can't Understand People Without Understanding Hypnosis

Hypnosis is all around us. It's a central and natural part of human experience, whether we appreciate this or not. Hypnosis occurs in all kinds of ways, and it can harm or help us.