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The Law of Social Proof: Everybody's Doing It

There are always people who remain themselves even as behaviors and attitudes sweep through social networks. You don't have to believe things simply because other people believe them. You can, and, if you want to really be you rather than a replica of everyone else, must discover what you think. What you feel is right.

A Guide to Public Speaking from Someone Who Used to Hate It

It's 9 am on a Monday morning, and your boss has just told you matter-of-factly that you just have to do a presentation next week - to "100 potential customers"! What's your response?

Is Your Label Limiting You?

Words matter, because they can shape expectation. When we are labelled we can sometimes be confined by that label. We can start to live up or down to that label, especially if it's been stuck onto us by some source of authority.

It's Unlucky to Be Superstitious (or Is It?)

Apparently superstitious beliefs can lower house prices, cause deaths in traffic accidents and even increase infant mortality. Is it really unlucky to be superstitious?

4 CBT-Based Steps to Overcome Male Sexual Performance Anxiety

I said to Michael: "What you've been experiencing is simply a natural consequence of too much anxiety and stress. Any man can respond like this when stress levels get too high, when sex becomes associated with anxiety in the mind."

How to Recharge Your Brain With a Power Nap

The one thing that really helped me get through that marathon of sleepless nights was knowing how to take a quick, refreshing 'power nap' during the day.

Can't Sleep? Hypnosis Can Help

It's 3 am and you've woken up again! Or maybe you haven't even slept at all! Perhaps you can't bring yourself to look at the lousy time. Why can't you sleep?

Hypnosis: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Hypnosis happens whether you understand it or not. Believe it or not, you were in deep trance even before you were born. You probably entered a trance today. And so did your dog!

How Environmental Triggers Age You, Make You Dumber and Change How You See Other People

Environmental triggers influence people's behaviours and responses to a much greater extent than we realize.

Bystander Apathy: "It's none of my business"

Have you ever heard about an example of bystander apathy and wondered if you would have done something? Or perhaps you're sure you would.

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