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How to Increase Libido

The 78-year-old man looked at me and sighed, "I'd give anything to have an erection again!" I'll speedily add that this was in a clinical setting, not a social one. He'd been depressed and had lost his libido in the bargain. Depression and, to some extent (though less than you might think), age certainly do have a dampening effect on sex drive.

How to Deal with Sexual Performance Anxiety

Worrying about outcome blocks performance. And sexual performance anxiety is no different. Sex needs to be relaxed, spontaneous, and fun; a chance to deepen intimacy and be absorbed only in the immediate... Instead, many men feel it is a test of their manhood. But 'tests' can be passed or failed - and that's the problem.

4 CBT-Based Steps to Overcome Male Sexual Performance Anxiety

I said to Michael: "What you've been experiencing is simply a natural consequence of too much anxiety and stress. Any man can respond like this when stress levels get too high, when sex becomes associated with anxiety in the mind."