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Why Hypnotherapy Works for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy isn't a pill (even most pills don't work instantly). It's not just a case of telling someone to be a certain way and that's it, now they're sorted...forever. Obesity is a condition that can have many different contributing factors.

Lose Weight/Gain Weight - What's Your Perfect Body?

Whether male or female, it seems our modern Holy Grail is the ideal body. We're all encouraged to idealize physical perfection and to make our own bodies as near to ideal as possible. Of course, the 'perfect body' is perceived as different for both men and women.

5 Fulfilling Ways to Control Your Hunger

There is evidence to show that both the dangerously obese and the dangerously underfed are both undernourished. In other words, it's possible to be eating vast amounts and still be underfed.

7 Weight Loss Motivation Tips That Work

She came to see me. Sheila was her name: "It's always the same. I get motivated for a few weeks, lose weight, then something happens and I pile it all on again and more! I'm getting married in three months! You'd think that would be motivation enough but my weight's been even more all over the place lately!"