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23+ Self Confidence Hypnosis Sessions

Build confidence quickly, comfortably and effectively with gentle, permissive hypnosis.

For building self confidence, hypnosis is an invaluable tool. In hypnosis, you can 'step out' of your everyday way of thinking and feeling, and enter a world where you are just as confident as you want to be. And your unconscious mind will learn from this.

Using hypnosis for self confidence like this means you can lay down a 'blueprint' for how you want to feel and behave in situations that you may previously have found difficult, stressful or anxiety-making.

You'll find the perfect confidence session for you in our library of hypnosis audios below, or use the search box above.

Try our complete, top-to-toe self confidence training course

Self Confidence Trainer Course Cover

No affirmations, no 'positive thinking', no hype. Instead solid, reliable techniques from the professionals to create self confidence that lasts.

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