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Overcome Obsessive Thoughts

Obsessive thoughts breed compulsive actions. The mother who feels that unless she waves five times at her son as he goes to school something bad will happen to him, the anxious businessman who has to 'avert disaster' before boarding a plane by clearing his throat thirty times, or the young girl who can keep her parents safe by walking around her bed 50 times before sleeping. Obsessive thoughts often have this element of superstition about them.

The Pitfalls of Positive Thinking

Do you ever feel like you should be positive but you just don't feel it? No matter how hard you try to look on the bright side?

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

If you often compare yourself to others, you're not alone. More than two thousand years ago the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle were already writing about how people compare themselves to others.

How Do Your Critical Thinking Skills Measure Up?

Being able to think strategically, rationally, and objectively is a vital tool to be used alongside more direct, intuitive 'gut feelings'. But most of us are never taught how to think. We can all learn to think better by knowing what the more common critical thinking mistakes are, so as to avoid them as far as possible.

6 Simple Tips to Stop Worrying So Much

Why worrying is the wrong kind of self-hypnosis and what you can do about it

How to Stop Negative Thinking in 7 Simple Steps

As someone once said: "Life's problems reveal who we really are!" and that's true; negative thinkers can "yeah, but" when things are going great. On the other hand, the more resilient of positive thinkers can remain upbeat when times are tough.

How to Overcome Victim Mentality

When you are proactive and put plans into action, you may find you don't always have to wait for the 'cage door' to open. You may just find you can force it open yourself.