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7 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

Fear should keep us alert and safe - like the beam from a lighthouse warning ships of submerged dangers. But too much fear, like a super-beam of light blinding the ship's captain, can cause the loss of the very thing we feared losing.

Do Your Relationships Damage Your Self-Esteem? (And what to do about it)

Your self-esteem shouldn't be totally dependent on the person with whom you happen to be in a relationship. But the fact is, relationships do have a big impact on the way you feel. And that includes the way you feel about yourself.

All About Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry can be complex. You might love your sibling but resent them. What's more, the intensity of your resentment can leave you baffled: "I'm an adult now; why does it still hurt so much?!"

In an Abusive Relationship? Help Yourself Today

There it was again: a fresh but already yellowing circle around her eye. I swear the month before she'd carried, for a while, the puffed signs of a swollen jaw; not long before that she'd been wearing dark glasses on an overcast morning. She worked in our local post office. She always looked diffident, unsure, depressed.

How to End a Relationship the Right Way

To end a relationship is a big decision, worsened by that heart-sinking feeling of knowing you have to tell them. The actual thought of breaking the news to your soon-to-be-ex can make you feel anxious, even terrified. Sometimes it seems easier to continue with what isn't working than to 'upset the applecart'. But if the relationship isn't right for you, then, ultimately, it's not right for them either, and the longer an unfulfilling relationship continues, the less chance we have of finding better, happier relationships.

Stop Arguing Your Relationships to Death

Sure, most of us argue sometimes and it would be a boring world if we all saw things in exactly the same way. But destructive arguing can destroy valuable relationships. The opposite of arguing isn't agreement in all things, it's knowing how to disagree and still maintain mutual respect and liking.

Put the Spark, Fun and Excitement back into Your Relationship

There they sat, both about fifty. I guessed they'd been together since Paleo times, but even so, I was struck by the sheer boredom emanating from each of them toward one another. They didn't speak; not an angry silence, but a "What possibly else can there ever be to talk about? We've said it all." Maybe I'd caught them on an off day, but I'd seen them having lunch in this pub before and it was always the same.

How to Stop Self Sabotage in Relationships

By thinking calmly and carefully about what you do in relationships, and considering whether any relationship-sabotaging behaviours seem familiar, you can become more purposeful in the way you approach your relationship.

7 Common Relationship Mistakes

Many people want a main relationship in their life. But for some people, it's harder for new relationships to 'take', to grow and thrive.

So, What Are the 'Personality Types', Really?

We're all interested in human personality and motivation. Personality tests, quizzes, and analysis are massively popular search terms. Sit down in any public space for a little while and eavesdrop on conversations people have about the people in their lives. We all love to talk personality types.