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23+ Sleep Hypnosis Sessions

Choose from our range of gentle, soothing self hypnosis sessions for overcoming sleep problems and getting a really good night’s rest

Everybody takes sleep for granted. Until problems appear. Then you can think of little else. And the more you think about sleep, and the harder you try to sleep, the less sleep you tend to get. This is where sleep hypnosis comes in.

How hypnosis can help you sleep

When we sleep naturally, we 'fall' asleep. We don't try to sleep, or force ourselves to sleep. But once you're in the viscious circle of trying to sleep and not being able to, it can be very difficult to escape. Hypnosis 'resets' your natural sleep ability, calming your conscious mind and letting your unconscious mind get on with its job.

Sleep habits are very responsive to hypnotic approaches, partially because hypnosis mirrors the natural process of falling asleep. We have a range of hypnosis sessions to overcome sleep problems and help you get that good night's rest. We'll help you cut through worrying thoughts, anxious feelings, and anything else that's getting in the way of your shut eye.

If you want to fall asleep fast, sleep like a child, and bounce out of bed in the morning, one of our sleep hypnosis sessions will be just right for you.

Get a free sleep hypnosis session with our Sleep Well app for iPhone & Android

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Includes our most popular sleep session free, with the option to upgrade to 12 more sessions.

Get the Sleep Well app for iOS (iPhone or iPad) here or for Android here.

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See below for our full catalog of self hypnosis sessions for a range of sleep problems.

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