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How to Handle a Bully

Here are five steps to confront a bully at work

Public Speaking Techniques Tested at the Front Line

A great speech should feel like you and the audience are discovering things together. As if you are making connections there and then from a solid base of knowledge. It needs to feel spontaneous, not like a pre-recorded playback.

How to be More Punctual

A lack of punctuality is one of many ways to relay that special little signal: "You don't really matter!"

Stressed About Starting Your New Job?

Starting a new job feels daunting, like the first day in school. The unfamiliarity coupled with the stress of wanting to please can feel overwhelming...and too much stress makes it harder to concentrate and do a good job...causing more stress...! What can you do?

A Guide to Public Speaking from Someone Who Used to Hate It

It's 9 am on a Monday morning, and your boss has just told you matter-of-factly that you just have to do a presentation next week - to "100 potential customers"! What's your response?