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Is your relationship damaging your self esteem?

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All relationships can get into ruts, where each partner takes the other for granted. So please be assured , I’m not trying to pick holes in your relationship. It can be good to do a quick audit from time to time though to see if things have gone a little stale.

So let’s have a quick look at your partner. Do they:

  • Never compliment you?
  • Put you down?
  • Always seem to put you last?
  • Scorn or laugh at your dreams and aspirations?
  • Constantly wax lyrical about the attractions of other men or women?
  • Make disparaging remarks about you in company?
  • Seem disinterested in you ?

Any long-term relationship may contain some of these elements some of the time; but when the bad times start to outnumber the good, a relationship is inevitably headed for trouble.

So write down what your partner is doing and not doing that seems to be damaging your self-esteem.  Don’t look for reasons; just what is happening.

Then you can decide if you want to do anything about it.

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Published by mark.tyrrell November 6th, 2016 in