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How to change a relationship, quickly

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So, as we said last time, if things are going wrong, then someone has to change something.

Sure, Louise had no right to talk to Mick the way she did and he felt that because of the way she was to him…well…why should he ever bother with her? Egg before chicken, stalemate —

“Your move!”

“I think not, my friend. I didn’t start this!”

Oh, dear.

But, if you change one part of a system - and yes, a relationship can be viewed as a system (who said romance was dead) - then the whole system has to change. The quickest way to change the dynamic of a relationship is to change what you do in that relationship.

We’ll see next time what happened when Mick changed what he was doing in his relationship...

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Published by mark.tyrrell November 6th, 2016 in