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Forget about 'believing in yourself'

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Here's a thought I think you'll find helpful. You don't have to think about believing in yourself when you do believe in yourself and you don't have to try to be positive when you are positive.

(You might need to read over that sentence a few times!)

Here's an example to show you what I mean;

When you're really fascinated by something or intrigued to see how far you can take something you don't have to divert time or energy into desperately 'believing in yourself', or 'being positive' because your focus is not on yourself.

I recommend the use of hypnosis as part of the approach to become fairer with yourself because hypnosis helps your self belief, resilience and optimism work in the 'background' of your mind or, in other words, 'unconsciously'.

When you do believe in yourself you don't have to think about believing in yourself.

You just do.

Trust your unconscious mind

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To your unconscious confidence,


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