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Disapprove of others' disapproval

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Mark Tyrrell
Mark Tyrrell, Author of course Uncommon Self Esteem Tips

Have you noticed that some people use disapproval as a weapon?

If you've had what amounts to a phobia of disapproval, then such people will scare and therefore control you if you play their games.

Seeing reality through a narrow and prejudiced lens of 'does this please or displease me?' makes people pretty tyrannical.

People who are quick to disapprove (even if they just imply disapproval) can make you on edge, to say the least.

Focus on what you think and want. If someone seems to disapprove, call them out on it. Ask them what their problem is. As weird as it sounds, you have every right to disapprove of their disapproval!

Ultimately, disapproval fails to deliver what it threatens. When the 'bomb drops', you learn there is no bomb. When you let people disapprove of you if they want and cease to worry, a whole new world of personal possibility opens before you.

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Published by mark.tyrrell December 5th, 2013 in