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Mike's Self Confidence Upgrade

How he became confident with women, stood up to bullies, and took control of his life

'How Hypnosis Helped Me' Competition Winners

Let's face it, hypnosis is often dismissed as a fringe idea. But we think it's far from fringe. In fact, it's perhaps the most central element to being human. What's more, we know it works...

3 Relationship Questions Answered By Mark Tyrrell

Mark answers 3 relationship questions by video: "I get so jealous when he goes out with his friends", "I break up with girls during the first fight" and "I can't stop thinking about my ex"...

My 10 Favourite Success Quotes

The problem is that bite sized sound bites are to personal development what a can of Red Bull is to good nutrition. (Don't quote me on that). But why am I starting this success quotes article on such a negative note?

Five Uncommon Perspectives on Procrastination

Understand your own approach to getting things done (or not!)

What successful people never do when visualizing

From a visualization point of view, the brain doesn't distinguish between your shot or someone else's. Imagining a poor shot, whoever's it is, plants that idea of a bad shot in your subconscious... and that will come back to haunt you.

How to Achieve Your Goals with Less Stress

Once humans stopped being chased by lions and bears, we found other things to worry about. Things that weren't physical threats, like deadlines and expectations, time pressures and simply too much to do.

Are Your Brain Chemicals All Wrong?

How the 'chemical imbalance theory' became ingrained in the public's mind

The Ten Commandments for Parents

All the help books in the world can't prepare you for the real thing...

The Soul of a Shoe

A touching tale about truly understanding what life is like for others.