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Refuse the poison of perfectionism in your relationships

If you have too-tight parameters for how your love should be before you meet him or her, then you may be positioning yourself out of the market.

Are you checking for commitment? A LOT?

When you're worried about your relationship, it's easy to see problems everywhere.

New Hypnosis Downloads for September 2016

Listen to previews of September's downloads below, and to read more about each session, click the 'More info' link under each audio player.

Enjoy Healthy Celebrations (without ruining your...

Who do you know always goes for Mr / Ms wrong?

Anyone can mistakenly get together with a ‘psycho’. Early on, they may be all charm and attentiveness (and you may be conveniently averting your eyes from early telltale signs - such as 24-hour surveillance on your house).

The wrong sort of games in relationships

If we view too much of life through a competitive lens, we come to treat everything like a tussle, a chance to score points and get ahead.

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