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You're not suffocating your relationship, are you?

It's hardly rocket science but it's easy to forget. When you plant a seed in the ground, you need to give it access to sunlight, water, and air; you need to give it space to develop

Why people do - or don't - like you

We would worry less about what others think of us if we realized how seldom they do.

Is your imagination making you feel horrible?

The imagination is a wonderful thing. Except when it's not.

Disapprove of others' disapproval

Have you noticed that some people use disapproval as a weapon?

What do people really think of you?

People who are overly concerned with approval assume that other people will think them 'a terrible person' or 'a loser' if they say or do something that isn't somehow right.

New Hypnosis Downloads for November 2015

Listen to previews of November's downloads below, and to read more about each session, click the 'More info' link under each audio player.

Stop Thinking So Much preview - Feel relaxed...

What YOU think is right

Focus on what you believe to be right in situations, rather than what peer pressure may lead you to do.

You are not in the business of mind control, are you?

You may have spotted this, but anxiously seeking approval is often an attempt at trying to gain and keep a sense of control.

Please yourself! No really...

Constantly seeking approval means we're perpetually worried that others are forming a bad opinion of us.

What would happen if you spoke your mind?

Start practicing speaking your mind a little more and let the 'consequences' sort themselves out.

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