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Uncommon self help articles for anxiety, self esteem, confidence, peak performance and more. Plus everything you need to know about hypnosis and why it can be such an effective tool for mental health.

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  • What’s the Difference Between Meditation and Hypnosis?

    "What's the difference between meditation and hypnosis?" I have been asked this question a thousand times. Both meditation and hypnosis require a certain kind of focus of mind - often (but not always) purposefully directed. I have a great deal of experience using hypnosis but less so with...
  • Stop Impulse Buying Ruining Your Financial Future

    "It's as if I'm hypnotized, sucked into the moment. I just forget everything: the mortgage, my kids. All I see is what I want and it's as if getting it will make me happy! And it does...for a few moments."
  • What Does 'Achieving Your Potential' Really Mean?

    "You are not meant for crawling, so don't. / You have wings / Learn to use them, and fly." ~ Mevlana Jelalu'ddin Rumi, 13th century
  • 7 Techniques for Overcoming Social Phobia

    "I'm okay in a work context or when things are a bit more formal and organized, because I know what to talk about. But as soon as it's kind of unregulated - you know, just mixing with other people - I go to pieces. It's like I need a well-defined focus or I panic!"
  • How to Be a More Manly Man

    We males have much higher levels of testosterone pumping around our systems, making us more naturally suited to risk taking, competitiveness, and physical activity. To deny masculine traits is to deny our birthright.
  • Stressed About Starting Your New Job?

    Starting a new job feels daunting, like the first day in school. The unfamiliarity coupled with the stress of wanting to please can feel overwhelming...and too much stress makes it harder to concentrate and do a good job...causing more stress...! What can you do?

All about Hypnosis:

  • The Astonishing Power of Placebo

    The human brain is an 'anticipation machine': it is organized to act on what we predict will happen next. This idea, known as expectancy theory, helps explain why the mental constructs we develop in our daily lives are as influential in defining our reality as the activities we undertake - maybe...
  • “I can't be hypnotized - I'm too strong-willed!”

    One thing I have noticed from my experience is that people who are able to direct powerful concentration are often better hypnotic subjects.
  • Is Negative Self-Hypnosis Ruining Your Life?

    How to free yourself from negative hypnotic states that make you anxious, angry, or afraid.

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    Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days

    If you want to learn hypnosis online, this short course describing the use of voice tonality, sentence structures and word choice can teach you the fundamentals of hypnosis quickly.
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