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Relaxation Techniques Hypnosis Scripts

Everybody feels the ever increasing pressure and stress of life in the modern world, and teaching relaxation techniques is one of the most important contributions that therapists can make to effective stress management.

Although relaxation is a natural and instinctive physical and mental reaction after periods of effort or stress, the social and cultural pressures that surround us all too quickly make people forget that they know how to relax. Tension builds up in their bodies, and their brains get caught up in endless - and exhausting - cycles of repetitive worrying thoughts. And they get ill.

Our range of hypnosis scripts on relaxation techniques gives you a variety of proven techniques and approaches for getting stressed out or exhausted clients to relax properly and let go of accumulated tension. This is healing in itself. You can also use these scripts as a resource for teaching clients to take back control of their own stress levels, and look after themselves much better in future.

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