Prevent Burnout and Exhaustion by Teaching Clients to Take Breaks

Help clients increase their productivity and protect their mental health

Modern hustle culture has led many people to feel the need to be as productive as possible, but working for long, uninterrupted stretches leads to lowered productivity and poorer performance.

The Take Breaks Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients learn how to incorporate rest time into their day, allowing them to get more done more easily.

The script opens with a brief pre-talk that explains the benefits of taking breaks. All kinds of breaks, from brief strolls during the workday to months-long sabbaticals, bring benefits. The client is reminded how professional athletes use breaks to give their muscles time to recover and strengthen. In a similar way, workers can take short breaks to rebuild their focus and increase their productivity.

The script cites two scientific studies that found benefits to taking breaks. In the first, from 2018, found that call center employees who were given breaks to socialize and relax benefited from improved performance and wellbeing 1. The second study followed subjects as they completed repetitive computer tasks for 50 minutes. The study found when workers were given two short breaks, their focus and stamina significantly improved 2.

Instead of worrying about how to best spend their breaks, the client is encouraged to adopt the view that "doing pretty much anything different" can constitute taking a break. The important thing is to take breaks for the correct duration and at the correct time, which is exactly what the session will help them accomplish.

The induction opens with embedded commands that direct the client to relax and settle down. They are encouraged to take slow, deep breaths and prepare themselves to make "lasting, positive changes" in their life.

The natural circadian rhythm is described as "levels of wakefulness" that cycle between times of alertness and times of low energy. The client is reminded that even though they have the ability to override this cycle, such as when they need to stay up late for an event, they possess an underlying natural rhythm that requires a break "every ninety minutes or so" all throughout the day. Embedded commands anchor this concept deep within their unconscious mind.

The script explains how, when the mind wanders and people daydream, vital processes are taking place that consolidate memory, cement learning, and allow for creativity. The client is reminded that their natural rhythm includes occasions of "peak performance" as well as time meant for taking a walk, or relaxation. Flowing language describing pleasant breaks is used to usher the client into deeper relaxation.

The full script continues.

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