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Thinking Skills Hypnosis Scripts

How people habitually think hugely influences their lives, so building thinking skills is a great way to bring about positive change.

Most people develop their thinking styles quite 'unthinkingly'. Under the influence of their childhood environment, their education, the social group they live in and the powerful individuals around them, they gradually build a typical way of interpreting the world and events.

This 'world view' is completely taken for granted. If they're lucky, it will be a positive one, and work in their favor. But all too many people have been subject to malign influences, and have little appreciation that their negative view of the world (or of themselves) is at the root of many of their difficulties. Still less do they appreciate that it is perfectly possible to change this.

Our collection of hypnosis scripts for building thinking skills offers the therapist a range of creative responses to different difficulties associated with how someone thinks. For any client, one or more of these approaches will be of great help in facilitating a more flexible, objective and positive approach to life.

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