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Bad Habits Hypnosis Scripts

If you're looking to help people break bad habits, our selection of hypnosis scripts addressing habit change will be an invaluable addition to your tool set.

We understand that habits - both good and bad - are usually established unconsciously, and operate unconsciously. Therefore will power is often insufficient to bring about changes in long established behaviors. If you want to get someone to stop carrying out a compulsive behavior such as hair pulling, or nail biting, or whatever, change needs to take place at a much deeper level than just the conscious realization that biting your nails isn't a nice thing to do.

You need to discover the original purpose of the habitual behavior. What perceived need did that behavior attempt, however inadequately, to meet and satisfy? And then you need to discover whether that need is still there. If it is not, the behavior can be dropped, as it is no longer required. If it is, you need to explore what new, more appropriate, behavior might meet that need as, or even more, effectively. Only then will your client be able to accept and integrate the necessary change.

All our habit change hypnosis scripts follow these principles.

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