Help Your Clients with the Stop Touching Your Face Hypnosis Script

Reduce your clients' risk of disease by guiding them to break the habit of mindlessly touching their face

Many people are in the habit of touching their face frequently. The problem is, doing so exposes us to the bacteria and viruses on our hands, leaving us vulnerable to infection. And during times of increased disease prevalence, this can be a serious health hazard.

The Stop Touching Your Face Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients break the habit of touching their face in order to reduce their exposure to pathogens and improve their general health and wellbeing.

The pre-talk runs through why touching your face can increase your susceptibility to infection, and explains how avoiding this behaviour can reduce the load on your immune system and help you feel healthy and well. It sympathizes with the fact that it's not easy to simply decide to stop touching your face, and reassures the client that this behavior can be modified through hypnosis.

The induction begins with guided breathing, then takes the client to a relaxing, restful place where they can experience profound comfort and ease. The client is asked to embody their observing self in order to see their calm disposition and peaceful facial expression, and then to merge with that self and fully experience that deep relaxation.

The client is now encouraged to really take in their surroundings, to notice the details of this wonderful, restful place and to open themselves up to the sense of wellbeing it offers. Relaxation is represented as a glowing color that can flow through the entire body, releasing the tension from every muscle.

Now the client is asked to bring the thumb and middle finger together on both hands and gently squeeze, while repeating the mantra "My health and wellbeing are important to me." This is used as an anchor, a bridge between conscious behavior and the intended unconscious behavior.

As the induction transitions into trancework, the client is asked to quietly prepare for this unconscious change and all the benefits that will come with it. They are guided through progressive relaxation of every part of the face and upper body, priming the mind to then imagine a "statue-like" stillness and heaviness to the arms and hands.

The body is painted as a cooperative team, where the hands are "deeply loyal to the rest of the body" and proud to support and protect it. Throughout an extended description of a situation of increased disease risk, the narrative remains focused on the hands, giving them a life of their own as strong, loyal, steadfast guardians of the body.

Repeated embedded commands also instruct the client to take a calm, clear-headed approach to this change, to respond appropriately and consistently to the risk of disease in order to achieve wellbeing. The body's physical barriers to infection are likened to a drawbridge, which can be supported and reinforced by the client's healthy new habits.

As the trancework begins to draw to a close, the client is regressed back to their old, "absent-minded" patterns of behavior, to get a sense of how it felt to touch their face unnecessarily - and then to watch themselves respond differently. This experience is linked back to the previously introduced anchor of squeezing the thumb and middle finger together, reaffirming the client's commitment to their health and wellbeing.

Finally, the client is guided to once again recall the sense of being about to touch their face, and to use their anchor and mantra to stop themselves. In this way, this anchor is attached even more firmly to the new behavior. The client is encouraged to use this anchor regularly to reinforce their commitment to breaking the habit of touching their face, until it becomes a natural, normal way of operating.

A string of embedded commands concludes the trancework, reinforcing the key idea of protecting and looking after yourself through this new, healthier habit.

Stop Touching Your Face is also available as an MP3 download.

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