Help Clients Recover from COVID

Aid your client's recovery process by enhancing their body's immune function and healing capacity

COVID-19 is a disease that needs no introduction. If your client has been infected, hypnosis may be a useful adjunct to medical treatment in supporting their recovery.

The COVID Recovery Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to boost the body's natural defences and encourage faster recovery from COVID-19.

The pre-talk makes it clear that the session is not a replacement for medical treatment, but that hypnosis can help the body heal and recover faster in conjunction with medical treatment. It creates a sense of rapport by sharing a personal story of COVID infection from the Uncommon Knowledge team. Finally, it suggests to the client that they take the pressure off themselves and be patient with themselves as they rest and recuperate.

The induction makes a distinction between the conscious and unconscious minds and gently guides the client to let go of conscious effort. It describes the unconscious mind in terms of what the conscious mind is not, letting the client gradually connect with "the part of themselves" that knows how to relax deeply.

The client is encouraged to remember times and places that they have experienced deep relaxation and to recall the sights and sensations. They are guided to pay attention to how this made them feel - lighter, more tranquil, and totally at ease - and to immerse themselves in these feelings in the present moment. It is suggested that relaxation and peace "can imbue the very air around you."

Now the client is asked to feel this sense of rest flow through the body. This sensation is painted as "a healing, glowing, soothing light... a golden elixir" gradually permeating body and mind, engendering ever deeper relaxation. They are guided to experience this soothing sensation spreading gradually to the extremities, touching "each and every cell" with vitality and wellbeing.

While the client is focused on this sensation, successive embedded commands push them into even deeper trance. They are then asked to drift outside themselves to experience this relaxation and rest from the perspective of their observing self, watching the way their body is healing.

Now it is suggested that the healing process can continue to deepen as a countdown progresses. The successive suggestions of "a comfortable heaviness" and "a floating lightness" create an apparent contradiction, deepening the divide between the unconscious and conscious minds.

As the countdown moves towards one, the suggestions become more specific, guiding the client to extend compassion towards the body, to be aware of the immune cells working together, and feeling a sense of "gratitude and appreciation" for the remarkable way the parts of the body work as one.

A journey through forests and mountains, deserts and oceans acts as a metaphor for the healing process, a step-by-step progression towards recovery. The word "heal" appears as an embedded command, but in a context that suggests the alternative meaning of "heel," instilling the command without giving the conscious mind a chance to recognize it.

The journey metaphor is extended as signs of progress are likened to new buds in spring. The client is encouraged to gaze at the landscape around, to take it slow, but to recognize that they are, bit by bit, making progress and getting a sense of greater wellbeing. Difficulties and setbacks are likened to steep, rocky sections of the path. The client is encouraged to rest when they need to, knowing that soon they will be ready to keep moving towards their destination.

Now a river of "beautiful, crystal-clear water" flows through the landscape, "bringing vitality wherever it flows". The client is guided through a series of commands that help them to feel this "future wellness" in every part of their being and then to fully merge and integrate with this new reality. The script explores the different ways the client will notice improvement in their wellbeing, health, and mental clarity and instils this expectation through embedded commands.

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COVID Recovery Script

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