Help Your Clients Overcome Omphalophobia with the Fear of Belly Buttons Hypnosis Script

Use the Rewind Technique during trance to break the faulty associations behind the phobia of belly buttons

Omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons) might seem like an unusual phobia, but it's actually not all that uncommon. And, like all phobias, it can be healed and overcome using hypnosis.

The Fear of Belly Buttons Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients quickly and comfortably overcome omphalophobia.

The pre-talk reassures the client that a fear of "BBs" is actually not all that uncommon, and that it can often be treated quickly and easily using hypnosis. It explains that the phobia is simply a faulty association the brain has made between belly buttons and fear, and that we can decondition that association using hypnosis. The term "belly button" is deliberately avoided to prevent any fearful reactions as relaxation sets in.

The induction suggests that everything the client hears, both the sounds and the spaces between them, can assist them in letting go. It begins to explore the unconscious changes that can occur "at an instinctive level" during deep relaxation, yet puts no pressure on the client to try to make this happen. It is suggested that the unconscious mind "knows intuitively what it's like to outgrow an old behavior."

As the attention is drawn to the hands, confusing use of the words "left" and "right" in their alternative meanings help the client dissociate further from the conscious, logical mind. They are encouraged now to embody their observing self so that they can see the physical manifestations of their ever-deepening relaxation, then to re-merge with their body as a countdown pushes them to let go even deeper.

At zero, the client finds themselves in "a beautifully restful place" that is all theirs. They are encouraged to notice the details of this space: the colors and shapes, and the comfortable, calming atmosphere. Here it is suggested that they can notice "a little television screen" ready to play a video of their past self "having that old reaction." They are quickly reassured that they are in control, and that they "don't need to watch that video yet," but instead can just relax with the idea that it will be a "calm, neutral video ... way over there."

Gradually the client is given more details about what will appear on the video, focusing on the calm their past self felt both before and after the event. Before the video plays, the client is guided to drift outside themselves so that rather than watching it directly, they can watch themselves fast-forward through it, remaining relaxed and distanced.

Having now played the video without any fear or panic, the client is prompted to take the next step by drifting over and into the screen itself, and merging with the past self in the video. Now they are asked to "rewind the memory from within" over only a few seconds, until they are right back before it happened.

The client is guided to drift back out of the screen and into the inner sanctuary, where they can fast-forward through the video again, noticing this time how calm and clear-headed they feel while doing it. They now repeat this process of drifting into the screen, rewinding the memory, then drifting back out and fast-forwarding it, only this time they are prompted to notice that it feels different again, that "something's been cleared inside."

The client can now feel totally free to simply exist in their inner sanctuary, to "breathe in the calm and the comfort." It is suggested that they can become curious about what it would be like to observe their past self already feeling calmly neutral about "that part of the body." They are reassured that this is totally possible, that in fact this kind of change is totally natural. Just as we can find it hard to remember the kind of thoughts we had as a child, we can "leave behind old patterns that no longer fit who [we] are."

Now the client is asked to observe themselves on the screen once more, only this time their past self is totally calm and at ease, with that old pattern of reaction no longer evident at all. They are guided to merge into this past self and to integrate it with their present and future selves, realizing that this "calm neutrality" has "become second nature." They are even brought forward to "a year from today" to see just how distant "that old reaction" now feels.

Embedded commands appear throughout a passage exploring the relief and pleasure that can come from enjoying things that once would have caused fear and anxiety, helping the client realize the benefits of their newfound freedom from phobia. Finally, it is suggested that the client's sense of ease and confidence can continue to grow as they listen repeatedly to the session and progressively "calm and clear any other times in the past."

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