Help Your Aggrieved Client Move On with the Get Over an Injustice Script

Increase your client's resilience and help them gain a new perspective on past wrongs

Dwelling on injustice can cause severe problems in life. Clients who cannot move on from past wrongs often suffer significant mental and emotional repercussions.

The Get Over an Injustice Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to cultivate clients' natural resilience and help them accept unfairness.

The script begins with an extended pre-talk that provides important context regarding when it's good to fight injustice and when it's best to move on. The client is assured that while insisting on absolute fairness in every detail of life is naive, terrible injustices should not simply be ignored.

It is acknowledged, however, that there are instances of injustice in which "the culprit may have impunity" or the battle "cannot feasibly be won." In these cases, it's best to consider "how much more life force and energy" should be spent fighting it.

With this context in place, the goal of the session is explained. It's not about completely letting go of grievances. Rather, it is intended to change the way the client perceives them, and thereby reduce the time and energy they spend focused on wrongs that cannot conceivably be corrected.

The client is reminded that the human brain has an amazing ability to adapt and reprocess past events in new ways. This resilience has allowed generations of people to embrace the future with the "calm clarity and inner resolve" that comes from being free of the control of past injustices, and it can do the same for them.

As the induction begins, the client is asked to relax and breathe evenly as flowing language reframes the concept of justice seeking. The client is led to think of justice-seeking behavior as a "faithful servant" but a "terrible master." While it may serve a noble purpose, it can demand too much time and energy if it's indulged.

The client is led to feel the justice-seeking part of themselves as an energy that flows from the body into their right hand and to notice the "sense of rightness" it carries. They are reminded, however, that there is much more to them than just that.

It is suggested that it's time to "initiate a process of deep change" at the unconscious level. They are asked to feel a sense of gratitude to the justice-seeking part of them for its "loyal work." As they do, they are guided to notice how their appreciation opens up space within to connect with and honor "all of who [they] are."

The client's attention is turned to their left hand, which is free of justice-seeking energy and contains all their other needs, including "deeply positive" aspects of themselves and other "important elements" of their life that need care and attention to flourish. The client is guided to get a sense of the self contained in that hand, who is completely free to get on with life.

Now, the client imagines themselves in a beautiful garden. Vivid imagery creates a sense of immersion as "everything comes into balance" inside themselves. From this place of balance, it is suggested that "justice can be tempered" as wisdom imbues their justice-seeking hand, while their left hand, too, benefits from the "primal strength and vitality" of the garden, reinforcing their morals, assertiveness, boundaries, and principles.

The client is guided to imagine their hands coming together and "integration taking place" between these values as they breathe, release, and come into balance. As they do, they are guided into a deeper trance, and asked to embody their observing self to watch themselves making this unconscious change.

The client is reminded that all things must pass and eventually become "lost in the mists of time." Within every family tree lie injustices done to ancestors that are now long forgotten.

Sometimes, it is suggested, there is simply "nothing more to be done," and we must harness our energy in a more productive way. Through the example of someone writing down their story as a way to warn others, the client is encouraged to consider questions they could ask themselves to help them learn from their injustice and move past it.

A story is presented about a man who unfairly lost his job. During therapy, he was asked "How much are they still paying you to think about this?" The therapist guided the man to resign from the "job"of thinking about the injustice. What would he do if he could use all the time and energy he spent being mad about his firing towards something productive?

Now a train station is presented as a metaphor for the mind. When a train enters the station, it is suggested, the client always has a choice as to whether they get on. Just as they can watch a train come and go without getting on, they can let their thoughts come and go without holding on to them.

Future pacing brings the client forward by a year, to a time when the unjust incident appears very long ago and far away. They are guided to immerse themselves in the feeling of being so far past the incident and having a new perspective.

The client's focus is returned to the man who was unjustly fired. He breathed a "deep sigh of relief" after he realized he no longer felt the same about his termination. His new perspective allowed him to move on. Embedded commands direct the client to discover that perspective for themselves at the very deepest level.

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