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Hypnosis and boosting immune system response

Boost Your Immune System

Everybody wants to be well and strong. If you should get sick, you want to be able to recover quickly, and bounce back to health. Nowadays, we know a lot about what it takes to enjoy the best health:

  • Eat a good balanced diet - and don't overdo it.
  • Exercise frequently.
  • Get enough rest and relaxation.
  • Minimize stress.

But few people really understand just how important it is to actively look after your immune system.

In fact, relatively few people even know they have an immune system! What is it, exactly? If they cut you open, where would they find it?

What is the immune system?

'Immune system' is the phrase used to describe the complex mechanisms, and the interaction between them, that the human body has evolved to defend itself against invasion by disease causing agents. The body carries within it a sort of SWAT team of free-roaming cells whose job it is to seek out and destroy invading 'germs' - bacteria and viruses. And this SWAT team has some amazing abilities!

How the immune system works to protect you

For instance, some of these defense cells carry within them the 'pattern' of certain 'enemy germs' - a sort of blueprint. You may never actually encounter those particular germs in your life. But if you do, the cells which carry that blueprint will 'recognize' them immediately, lock on to them and set about destroying them. They are 'pre-programmed' for it.

Of course, there will only be, at any one time, a handful of cells of each type circulating round your body. So what happens if a serious infection gets started? Well, that's when another amazing ability of your SWAT team comes into play. They can suddenly 'clone' themselves, hugely increasing the number of them available to attack the enemy. Imagine if a real life SWAT team could do that…

Influencing the immune system is easier than you think

Is it really possible to influence your immune system? The answer is yes. It is well known, for instance, that stress has a marked effect on the immune system. People living with long term stress are more prone to fall ill, and take longer to recover, than those who have less stressful lives. So stress management and relaxation alone can make a significant difference to how effective your immune system is.

But you can go even further than this, as research has shown.

Scientific research confirms hypnosis can boost the immune system

In a study at Washington State University, a group of volunteers were given hypnotic suggestions specifically to boost their immune systems. Another group received only relaxing suggestions, or no suggestions. Their levels of T- and B-cells (special defense cells) were measured. Those who had received hypnotic suggestions showed significant increases in their levels of protective cells. (1)

And you don't have to volunteer for a research study to get these benefits.

Using hypnosis at home to improve your own immune system

Strengthen your immune system is an audio hypnosis session which pulls together the latest understandings of mind-body interactions. It will help you tmaster the art of deep relaxation, which can reduce the effects of stress in your life.

While you are in a state of profound relaxation - a brain state highly conducive to effective learning - Strengthen your immune system will give you precisely targeted suggestions designed to boost the functioning and efficiency of your immune system. And all you need to do is let your conscious mind float away in delicious serenity.

Download Strengthen your immune system and unleash the protective power of your own body.

(1) Ruzyla-Smith, Patricia et al. (1993). As reported at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association.

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