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Set your unconscious mind on the road to a healthier lifestyle

Do you find that although you know what you should do to be fit and healthy something always seems to get in the way? One way or another, your health goals just keep slipping and you're no further forward now than you were a year ago?

If you were driving somewhere new without a map, would you be surprised if you never got there?

The brain is an organ that needs a clear 'blueprint' to work towards. Once it has this, it's like jumping on a train, rather than taking the back roads. Instead of having to make your self behave healthily the Growth Zone's Healthy Lifestyle series will make it easy by creating the pattern your brain needs.

The 5 hypnosis downloads in the series are:

'Envisaging you' - hypnotically creates and fixes a powerful blueprint in your mind for how you are going to look and feel when you are healthier and fitter. Providing you with emotional motivation, it makes it easy to stay focused on staying younger for longer.

'Choosing the Right Foods' makes healthy eating choices natural and preferable, without feeling like some sort of deprivation.

'Super Portion Control' focuses on not just what you eat but how much and when. Your unconscious mind gets the message to stop when you've eaten enough to satisfy the needs of your body.

'Get Moving' develops the instinct to move within you so that physical exercise feels like something you just have to do!

'Ultimate Gym Session' focusing on the quality and focus of a workout session itself to ensure you get the most out of your time spent exercising.

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Healthy Lifestyle Series is an exclusive Growth Zone members-only product.

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Why we're different to other self hypnosis programs:

Our therapist team

Our four professional hypnotherapists work on every download.

We're experienced and dedicated therapist trainers

Uncommon Knowledge was formed in 1995, and since then we've trained over 24,000 people at face-to-face events. We've served over 600,000 hypnosis downloads and treated more than 5,000 patients in 1:1 therapy.

We have a vibrant and friendly global community

With more than 300,000 customers and 30,000 fans of our Facebook page, we are proud to serve people from countries as far afield as New Zealand, India, South Africa, as well as Europe, the US and Canada. (And our shipping is free worldwide, did you know?)

Our customer support is second to none

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Kirstin, our support manager, is a legend among our customers. She heads up a small support team who are dedicated to making your experience with Uncommon Knowledge a lovely, and hopefully long one.