Help Your Client Tune Out Discomfort with the Relax Wearing PPE Hypnosis Script

Help your clients feel calm, comfortable, and in control while wearing personal protective equipment

Personal Protective Equipment can be uncomfortable, claustrophobic, and sometimes even painful to wear. For some of us, it adds an extra level of stress to an already high-pressure job. But it doesn't have to be this way forever. We can learn to be more relaxed and comfortable while wearing PPE.

The Relax Wearing PPE Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients get used to the sensation of wearing PPE, let go of negative emotional associations, and instead associate PPE with a sense of calm and focus.

The pre-talk sympathizes with how uncomfortable it can be to wear PPE, running through the many difficulties it can pose. It provides reassurance, however, that we humans are "nature's great adaptors," capable of getting used to almost anything. The pre-talk concludes with a brief description of how the brain is able to tune out and adapt to discomfort, and a promise that this session will help speed up that process.

The induction begins to promote relaxation by drawing attention to the breath and associating it with a sense of rest. An acknowledgement of the brain's innate ability to draw meaning from words, even without conscious effort, sets the scene for unconscious change.

The process of drifting into trance is compared to becoming "utterly absorbed" in the moment, as the client is encouraged to remember and connect with a time when they felt immersed to the point that "the outside world faded away." Now that experience is unpacked as the client is guided to notice how their body relaxes and their breathing smooths and, importantly, how physical sensations are tuned out completely. Embedded commands help the client to experience this disassociation even more deeply.

Now the focus turns back to the softening and loosening of the body's muscles. The client is reassured that their body already knows how to deepen that relaxation throughout their entire body. A countdown, continuing into negative numbers then concluding with a long pause, allows the client to sink deeper and deeper into a state of full-body rest.

Now the client is told a simple story of how the noise of a nearby train line, or planes flying overhead, can seem intense and invasive when you first move into a new house, but becomes almost unnoticeable as the brain becomes accustomed to the repeated sound - a clear analogy to the experience of becoming accustomed to wearing PPE.

This is followed up by the closer analogy of a girl raised in the jungle struggling with the experience of having to wear a school uniform. This longer, more evocative story paints a picture of how "unnatural," "restrictive," and "tight" the clothing felt, yet how quickly she was able to "comfortably relax into it" as her brain adapted.

With these sensations still lingering in the mind, the client is now encouraged to conjure a "dream-like vision" of their past self and to view it from a distance, from a place of detachment and calm. They are guided to see themselves at the start of the work day, then to fast-forward to the end of the shift, as they are taking off their PPE.

Now the client is asked to merge with that self, imbuing that sense of calm, and then to rewind back through the shift, seeing everything pass by in a series of flickering images until they are right back at the beginning, before they had put PPE on. They are assured that this process can clear out their old, negative associations with wearing PPE and make the experience much calmer and more neutral.

Almost as a reward, the focus now comes back to deep relaxation. A series of gentle embedded commands encourage the client to relax even deeper, and in doing so to let go of those negative feelings and associations, to "release what needs to be released." Tuning out PPE is compared to turning an internal dial right down to a calm and neutral level.

Future pacing now allows the client to get a sense of how they will look and what it will feel like when they are able to wear PPE while feeling completely calm, focused, and clear-headed. This deep calm is represented as a "glowing energy" flowing into them. The suggestion is made that even the PPE itself can become imbued with this "calm familiarity and neutrality" such that the very act of wearing it actually induces calm. A string of embedded commands help the client begin to internalize this new way of responding.

The script concludes by taking the client once more through the process of wearing PPE - feeling "naturally and instinctively" calm throughout the shift, reflecting on how this felt as they take the PPE off, and coming home to deeply relax and unwind afterwards.

Relax Wearing PPE is also available as an MP3 download.

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Relax Wearing PPE Script

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