Begin Your Journey: Supporting You Through Menopause and Perimenopause

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Journey: Mindful Menopause

Menopause, and its little sister, perimenopause, can bring many symptoms that can simply make it harder to get through the day. From sleepless nights, to low mood and irritability, hot flashes and low libido, this natural process can have a big impact on your life and relationships.

Our Mindful Menopause is a curated list designed to help you with common menopause symptoms and to complement hormone replacement therapy should you wish to use it.

Embark upon this mindful expedition, guided by the suggestions, and allow hypnosis to reawaken your body's innate ability to nurture and heal itself.

Mindful Menopause is designed to help you through the many common symptoms and you can pick those titles which resonate most strongly for you:

  • Positive Menopause: Naturally embrace what life has to offer, trusting in the wisdom of your body and calmly ride the hormonal waves of menopause
  • Cool Hot Flashes and Night Sweats: Reduce the frequency and intensity of your hot flashes, and give you the resources to deal with them effectively when they do happen.
  • Overcome Fear and Anxiety: Lift the weight of generalised fear, anxiety and worry and learn emotional control in more and different situations.
  • Fall Asleep Fast: our most popular sleep aid, it does the job at home or when you are in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Improve Your Mood: Will allow you to enjoy deep, peaceful relaxation, and experience the old mood drifting away from you. You will get a refreshing break, and gain perspective on whatever was making you feel bad
  • Improve Concentration and Focus: allow the fog to clear while allowing you to focus 100% on the task in hand
  • Exercise Motivation: get over the 'hump' and back into regular exercise, allowing your body to enjoy the many benefits exercising has to offer
  • Increase Female Libido: when there are no underlying medical reasons, it may be that you're too mentally exhausted to have a sex life. Allow yourself to reconnect with your sexual being using deeply relaxing hypnosis
  • Put Yourself First: a flower is not self indulgent if it takes up water, so prioritise your own needs so that you are more able to cope with life's demands
  • Stop Being Irritable: losing your temper over tiny things is a symptom of something bigger, so this session will help with underlying causes such as poor sleep or compromised immune system and all you to naturally unwind and relax

Overall, Mindful Menopause offers tools to help you navigate your way through your menopause in a way that suits your body and lifestyle. It's about relaxing deeply and allowing your body and mind to tap into its natural ability to nurture an heal itself.

There are many studies regarding how managing anxiety and hypnosis can help reduce menopause symptoms, here's a small selection:

  1. Anxiety is strongly associated with menopausal hot flashes after adjusting for other variables including menopause stage, smoking, and estradiol levels.
  2. Hypnosis resulted in significant reductions in self-reported and physiologically measured hot flashes as well as hot flash scores in post-menopausal women.
  3. Overall, the use of self-hypnosis as a treatment program for sleep problems related to menopause was acceptable for women. Phone delivery with self-hypnosis is just as effective as doing in-person sessions, suggesting that intervention can be more widely accessed and valuable. Data further support that hypnosis is a promising technique to improve sleep in menopausal women with sleep and hot flashes.
  4. Anxiety is common, yet often under-treated, among women in post menopause. This study examined the effect of a hypnotic intervention designed to reduce hot flashes, on anxiety levels of postmenopausal women. Hypnotizability was found to moderate anxiety reductions, but regardless of hypnotizability level participants, on average, experienced significant symptom improvement from baseline scores. These data provide initial support for the use of hypnosis to reduce symptoms of anxiety among post menopausal women.

You can choose from the selection below or purchase the whole journey for maximum value.

Sessions on the Journey: Mindful Menopause

1) Positive Menopause

Approach menopause as the start of a new, exciting, and fulfilling chapter in your life...Read More

Price: $14.95

2) Cool Down Hot Flashes

Relax into cool, calm imagery and feel your body temperature start to drop...Read More

Price: $14.95

3) Overcome Fear & Anxiety

Hypnosis can stop worry and apprehension wrecking your life...Read More

Price: $14.95

4) Fall Asleep Fast

Hypnosis can retrain your mind and body to fall asleep as nature intended...Read More

Price: $14.95

5) Improve Your Mood

Harness the power of deep relaxation and gentle, indirect hypnosis for a happier, healthier life...Read More

Price: $14.95

6) Improve Concentration and Focus

Learn how to discipline, direct and command your mind with hypnosis...Read More

Price: $14.95

7) Exercise Motivation

Use your unconscious mind to build a powerful exercise habit that you can't break...Read More

Price: $14.95

8) Increase Libido - Female

Rekindle your unconscious sexual desire...Read More

Price: $14.95

9) Put Yourself First

It's not selfish to put yourself at the top of your to-do list sometimes...Read More

Price: $14.95

10) Stop Being Irritable

Break out of your knee jerk irritation response with this permissive hypnosis audio...Read More

Price: $14.95

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