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Journey: Tough Times Tamed

When you're being hit from all sides, both outside and in, you need invisible armour to navigate tough times. You may intellectually understand that 'this too shall pass' but when you're wide awake at dark o'clock, with a troublesome time ahead, you need practical help to protect you from the storm.

Tough Times Tamed is a curated list designed to help you through the roughest of patches, when you need all the help you can get to make through the next minute, hour and day.

Allow hypnosis to reawaken your body's innate ability to nurture and heal itself, and provide you with the protection and spare capacity to deal with the most difficult situations.

Tough Times Tamed is designed to help you through the most human of responses to difficult periods, and you can pick those titles which resonate most strongly for you:

  • Believe In Yourself: take a fairer view of yourself and trust yourself implicitly, being less concerned in mistakes and more interested in what you can achieve.
  • Fall Asleep Fast: our most popular sleep companion, allowing you to gently fall asleep and restore your reserves for the next day, every day.
  • Quiet Mind: leave overwhelming thoughts behind and feel more calm and relaxed, even in stressful situation, giving you space to think clearly again.
  • 7:11 Breathing Technique: beat anxiety and reduce stress quickly and naturally with a reliable breathing technique you can use anytime, anywhere.
  • Stop Worrying: use your imagination for good not ill, and stop second-guessing the future and assuming bad things, feel relaxed about not knowing how things will turn out and assume that whatever happens, you'll cope.
  • Expect the Best: fortunately, even if you've developed a pessimistic attitude to life in response to your experiences, or perhaps influenced by the culture of cynicism and skepticism around you, it is still possible to cultivate a new optimism and actually learn to expect the best.
  • Fear of Confrontation: completely reprogram your responses around the idea of dispute and conflict so that you are much better able to say what you think calmly and clearly, maintaining your stance, and staying calm in the process.
  • Inner Strength Booster: So often you can lose the sense of your own strength as it becomes covered over by life's complications, trials, pettiness and adversities. This inner strength booster is all about creating positive, optimistic thoughts but also giving you the feeling of your own strength.
  • Stop Night Worry Keeping You Awake: take the emotional charge out of those worrying thoughts so that you can put them aside and get off to sleep.
  • Living with Uncertainty: you will feel much more relaxed about all the things that are outside your control, and confident about taking action on the things that you can influence.

Overall, Tough Times Tamed offers tools to help protect you from harm as you make your way through a storm. Using these hypnosis sessions regularly will give you the direct benefits of relaxing deeply and the opportunity to update your unconscious reactions to stressful situations and get through to the other side.

You can choose from the selection below or purchase the whole journey for maximum value.

Sessions on the Journey: Tough Times Tamed

1) Believe In Yourself

Why to use hypnosis to build your trust in who you are and what you can do...Read More

Price: $14.95

2) Fall Asleep Fast

Hypnosis can retrain your mind and body to fall asleep as nature intended...Read More

Price: $14.95

3) Quiet Mind

Learn to access a place of inner calm whenever and wherever you need...Read More

Price: $14.95

4) 7-11 Breathing Exercise

Learn how to beat anxiety and reduce stress quickly and naturally...Read More

Price: $14.95

5) Stop Worrying

Relax your mind with hypnosis and learn how to stop worrying when you want to...Read More

Price: $14.95

6) Expect The Best

Develop an optimist's mind-set using hypnosis and make your own 'luck'...Read More

Price: $14.95

7) Fear of Confrontation

Why hypnosis can help you be calm in confrontations and stand up for yourself...Read More

Price: $14.95

8) Inner Strength

Stay stable and steady in even the toughest moments...Read More

Price: $14.95

9) Night Worry

How to use soothing hypnosis to calm your mind before sleep...Read More

Price: $14.95

10) Living with Uncertainty

A hypnosis audio to help you relax and let the chips fall where they may...Read More

Price: $14.95

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