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How to Overcome Fear of Snakes

You can ease away your fear of snakes surprisingly quickly with hypnosis

Cure Snake Phobia

If you suffer from a phobia, or fear of snakes, you probably find it impossible to imagine being comfortable near a snake.

Even the idea of a snake (or the word itself) can be enough to strike terror into many snake phobics.

For years, people have thought that to get rid of a phobia, you have to go near the feared animal until you get used to it (exposure therapy) - a process most people simply refuse to go through.

Why am I scared of snakes?

Fear of snakes, along with fear of spiders, is an interesting phobia. The fact is, human beings can become phobic of anything. All it needs is high anxiety paired with an object - we've treated people for phobias of everything from buttons to balloons.

However, studies have shown that it's easier to make people phobic of snakes and spiders than anything else. So it seems that evolution has coded the snake/spider pattern into our DNA because these animals were such a threat to us for so long.

So relax, your phobia of snakes is not unusual, or irrational. It is just unpleasant and unnecessary.

How hypnosis can treat snake phobia

Phobias are mediated by a part of the brain called the amygdala. This part of the brain scans incoming patterns for ones it deems dangerous, and when it spots one, triggers the fight or flight response.

Using hypnosis we can gently educate this part of the brain that the pattern for snakes need no longer be treated as something life-threatening, just something to be wary of.

And the surprising thing is, overcoming your fear of snakes will actually feel pleasant! We regularly treat phobias in our hypnotherapy clinic, and demonstrate how to do it in front of large groups at our workshops, and our clients are always shocked that it wasn't an unpleasant experience.

So to dissolve your fear of snakes, download Overcome Snake Phobia now. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

(If you don't mind seeing snakes on a screen, you can watch our co-founder Mark Tyrrell cure snake phobia in this video.)

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Cure Fear of Snakes

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