Use the Overcome Rejection Sensitivity Script to Help Clients Build Inner Confidence and Upgrade Their Social Lives

Reduce clients' anxiety about making new connections

While no one enjoys feeling rejected, some people are especially sensitive to the possibility. This causes a tremendous amount of anxiety during day-to-day interactions and affects the quality and quantity of close relationships in their lives.

The Overcome Rejection Sensitivity Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients feel more secure in their relationships by developing better self-confidence and encouraging an easygoing approach in their interactions with others.

During a sympathetic pre-talk, the client is reassured that disliking rejection is normal. The important roles that social relationships play in human nature are explained and the notion that rejection sensitivity is silly or unimportant is dispelled from a scientific angle.

The client's issue is framed as simply an elevation of a universal human feeling. Typical ways the issue manifests are enumerated, including overanalysis, dwelling on past conversations, or constantly checking in with family and friends for reassurance.

The client is prepared for trancework with assurances that hypnosis will help calm their anxious mind, feel more comfortable in making connections, and develop more laidback relationships with family and friends.

The induction makes use of progressive relaxation to guide the client into a deeply comfortable state. Starting with the head, the client focuses on releasing tension throughout every body part until they develop a feeling of complete relaxation.

As relaxation deepens, flowing language is used to evoke a warm, pastoral scene. The client is slowly ushered into a trance state with embedded commands that help them dissociate from conscious thought and prepare them to make positive, lasting changes.

The trancework begins by considering how different structures can be built for different purposes: a tent on a campsite may be put together temporarily for short-term shelter, while a thick-walled castle may be constructed across decades with "deep foundations" that can withstand the elements and the test of time to provide constant safety and security.

Similarly, a cluster of leaves that can blow away and disappear in a moment is contrasted to a vast mountain range that "can calmly observe the changing seasons," each peak standing beside its neighbor in deep connection and with "immovable solidity."

The client is now guided to recognize that, like those peaks and castle walls, people in a relationship form a deep foundation and connection together. The client is led to apply this understanding to their own life by thinking of a particular person with whom they've shared a deeply positive foundation of trust, whether that be in the present, past, or future.

As the client focuses on their chosen connection, they notice positive experiences that were made possible by the secure foundation they share. The effects of such solid relationships are further explored before embedded commands encourage the client to "relax" and "breathe," pre-empting the client's natural urge to self-doubt in such scenarios.

Again now the perspective shifts as the client is asked to notice how, when they are dancing with someone through different rhythms and songs, they are able to maintain a deep sense of connection no matter how close or far they are from their partner physically.

This understanding of what it means to have a deep connection with someone is extended as the client is asked to get a sense of someone who cares deeply about them, and notice how that manifests in the way they look at the client. Now the client is asked to merge with that person so they can see themselves through those same "eyes of love and caring." Embedded commands help the client to memorize and internalize this feeling on a deep level.

Now, the client envisions a younger version of themselves who was "watching out for signs of rejection" like an anxious meerkat. They are encouraged to reflect on why they first became fearful of rejection, then use that understanding to bestow upon their younger selves whatever they need to feel at ease and find comfort.

The client is now slowly and purposefully instructed to watch their younger self becoming more and more comfortable as ease and self-assuredness flow through them, before feeling this ease flow forth into "the story of who you are" now. In doing so, they discover a "more easygoing rhythm" and a deep foundation of calm solidity.

As a counterbalance to the focus on forming positive connections, it is acknowledged that the client can take their time building friendships and protect themselves appropriately. A castle is used as a metaphor for the client's personal boundaries, showing how the client can choose to keep some people at a distance while gradually allowing people with whom they have built a foundation of trust to enter the courtyard and even ultimately the inner sanctum.

The client is reminded of the importance and value of positive connections to their life story, and encouraged to draw upon these as strengths. With this in mind, the client is guided to imagine a future self connecting with someone after having fully integrated all of the positive changes they would like to see - allowing this new relationship to form easily and naturally.

Finally, embedded commands guide the client to merge with that future self and enjoy how it feels to warmly connect with someone with complete ease.

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