Help Clients Stop Compulsive Lying

Help clients re-engineer their beliefs about self-worth and honesty in order to lead more genuine lives

People who compulsively lie often don't understand why they do it. It's as if they simply start to talk, and lies jump out!

The Stop Compulsive Lying Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients feel more at ease with themselves and break the behavioral pattern of constant fibbing.

The script opens with a gentle pre-talk that explains some of the motivations that can underlie compulsive lying, while acknowledging that many people who compulsively lie don't actually know why they do it. It differentiates white lies, told out of politeness or social obligation, from the perpetual untruths that characterize compulsive lying.

Compulsive lying is then demystified, presented not as a need to fabricate facts per se, but as a behavioral pattern, like compulsive gambling and overeating. Clients are encouraged to understand their affliction as a "strong emotional urge" that happens "in the moment" and may not make rational sense. It's only after the behavior pattern plays out that the full picture of what happened and the damage it may have caused comes into view.

Next, clients are reminded of the costs of compulsive lying: the constant pressure to remember made-up details, the fear of being outed as a fraud, the damage it does to important relationships. It compares the client to a window that is "clear and transparent" when they are open and honest but "filthy" and "smeared" when they lie, preventing others from seeing the real them.

As the pre-talk draws to a close, the client is assured that hypnosis can effectively help them overcome their compulsion to lie.

The induction uses a progressive relaxation that encourages a deep state of tranquility. Embedded commands assure the client they can "make spontaneous, positive change" where they "outgrow an old habit that no longer fits" who they are. Further suggestions for deep relaxation and a slow countdown tip the client into deep trance and prime them for hypnotic suggestion.

The trancework begins by encouraging the client to picture a "good, honest path" in front of them that leads to "a brighter, better future." While the path starts out "a little choked by weeds," with each step the road ahead to "true brightness" comes into clearer view.

The client is encouraged to notice the air getting fresher as they move away from "the tangled weeds of the past" and towards the "feeling of freedom" that lies further down the road, and to enjoy the sense of relief this brings. As the landscape opens up and flowers bloom along the edges of the path, this new place is painted as representing their honest, "true nature," while the tangled weeds represent "that distant old compulsion."

Now, the client notices an archway that leads to a special place where they can feel relaxed, calm, "confident and full of purpose." As they step through the archway, the client feels a "deeply welcoming, accepting atmosphere" where being fully themselves is okay. It is suggested that they will now experience a vision that will allow them to "make deep, true, and lasting changes."

The client is guided to notice a vast window in front of them that is grimy and hard to see through. As they strain to make sense of what's on the other side of the window, they are asked to get a sense of times when they felt the compulsion to lie, creating a mental link between the grime on the window and the lies they tell.

The client is reassured that this grime is not who they are, and was not always there. Here, from this place of calm self-acceptance, the client is encouraged to let their real self take charge and begin to work "meticulously, mindfully" at cleaning the window until they can see through the window and "get a sense of ... being truthful."

The client is encouraged to "notice how relaxed [they] can be" with that honesty as embedded commands instil the importance of integrity. Now, the client moves through the window and experiences their true self firsthand, noticing how good it feels to be honest and genuine.

As the client returns to their calm sanctuary, they "relax even deeper" as they again peer through the window to see moments in the future where they are speaking honestly and being true to themselves, and notice the difference in themselves and in the reactions of others.

Again, the client is gently guided to merge into that person before then drifting back through the window once more to look even further into the future, to see themselves as an "honest, decent, straightforward person" whom they can like and trust. Through embedded commands, the client experiences how it feels to be "truly happy" with themselves and comes to realize that they can be honest naturally and easily, without even having to think about it.

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