Help Your Client Reclaim Their Life with the Overcome Meth Addiction Hypnosis Script

Give your client the strength and resolve to work towards a life free of addiction and full of natural enjoyment

Methamphetamine ("meth") is highly addictive, as it enters the brain in high concentrations and causes massive release of the pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine.

The Overcome Meth Addiction Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help clients break free of addiction and reclaim their lives.

The pre-talk discusses the effects of methamphetamine on the brain, comparing it to a thief or a bully that steals a person's health, self-confidence, and self-respect. It sympathizes with the way meth controls people and interferes with their ability to feel pleasure or enjoyment from normal activities. It reassures the client, however, that the brain is excellent at updating itself and that as time goes on, they will recover their ability to enjoy life without meth.

The induction begins by simply asking the client to settle back as they follow along to the gentle rhythm of the words. It suggests that "there is a deeper part of you that already understands" how to relax and let go without any need to try, comparing this process to a child falling asleep or a lion basking in the sun.

The client is guided to notice the progressive relaxation in their face, jaw, and shoulders, and then to feel that relaxation flow all the way down to the toes as they release a deep breath. We transition into the trancework with the suggestion that as they give their body this time to rest and heal, they are gradually "coming back to the real [them]."

Now we examine the idea that "there comes a time" when a person recognizes that "enough is enough," and "rebels" against the thief that has been stealing from them. By referring to "a person" rather than addressing the client directly, we avoid any sense of pressure, instead allowing the client to identify with this inner resolve in their own time.

It is suggested that as "the body purges itself of the thief," "the inner mind sets up a fortress." This idea of a fortress is expanded with descriptions of the "thick stone walls," "deep foundations," "wide moat," and "highly trained guards." This creates a sense of powerful protection and deep defence against "that old bullying chemical," so that within the walls of that fortress "deep healing can take place."

Having built a strong image of this powerful inner fortress, the client is now guided through slow, deliberate embedded commands to allow that process of healing to begin, and to get a sense of the "monarch" of the fortress - the "real you" - returning day by day.

Now the client is taken back to before their addiction took hold. They are asked to return to "a time of natural happiness and wellbeing," to recall the feeling of spontaneously finding pleasure in the real world. They are guided to notice the look on their face and to get a deep sense of the wellbeing within before merging with this self to experience it even more deeply. This feeling of deep wellbeing is characterized as "a glowing light," flowing through every part of the body and reactivating the brain's ability to enjoy life.

Now the client is gently taken into the future as we explore a time, "perhaps sooner than you realize," where they will be surprised by how much genuine enjoyment they can draw from simply living life, true to themselves. Embedded commands guide the client to experience the associated improvements in health, energy, and confidence. They are reassured that they are not alone: many others have moved past meth addiction for good, and they will too.

We continue to explore how it will feel to be free of addiction with a return to the fortress analogy. "Old, out-of-date cravings" are painted as being "way outside your fortress of protection," while the area within the fortress is "a sanctuary for healing" where they have gained strength, clarity, dignity, and a drive to find meaning and fulfilment in life.

They are encouraged to explore this sense of wellbeing deeply by embodying their future self and noticing where "the place of greatest wellbeing" is and exactly how that feels. This sense of wellbeing is amplified as the client is guided to feel a smile spreading throughout their body and their inner place of wellbeing growing.

Finally, it is suggested that the client's future and past wellbeing can "flow into the you here in the present," instilling a "calm inner resolve that you can and will do this." Once again we are reminded of the "impenetrable" fortress, providing all the protection the client needs as they build the strength and resolve to live their life true to themselves.

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