Become an Explorer of Life with the Self Confidence Trainer Course Version 3.0


No affirmations, no 'positive thinking', no hype. Instead solid, reliable techniques from the professionals to create self confidence that lasts.

In 20 years as a therapist and coach, there's one thing I aim for when working with a confidence client.

And it's not what you might expect...


It's not to get them to believe they're the greatest.


It's not to have them think they can achieve anything they want.


Neither is it for them to have 100% complete faith in themselves.

No. The one thing I want for my confidence client is that they become...

An Explorer of Life

What your 'confidence spark'

has done for you
(without you knowing)

When you were a small child you had something within you which propelled you to the most astonishing achievements.

It propelled you to stand and walk when all you could do is crawl. (Think of how huge an achievement that would be if you did it now!)


It drove you

to learn thousands of words and how to put them together in an infinite variety of ways to communicate what you want to say.

Truly astonishing.

It motivated you

to turn random scribbles on a sheet of paper into meaningful sounds.

How do you feel mostly nowadays?

Curious? Or scared? Careful?

Worried that you'll make a mistake?

that spark
starts to die

and how that
affects you

Curiosity is slowly but surely eradicated
from our nature as we grow up.

Adults teach us how important it is to be careful - sometimes with good reason, but often out of habit and fear.

And without noticing it, we start to creep through life, frightened that we might make a terrible mistake that will lead to well we don't really know do we? But it's sure to be BAD!

We start to avoid things - we avoid saying THAT thing, we duck THAT responsibility, we fail to follow through on our hopes.

On and on it goes - and the sum of all those fearful decisions is


We don't
take risks.

We play it safe.

We avoid looking

But we're not truly being ourselves. And we're left with boredom. Mediocrity.
Unless we can treat life as a great adventure, who knows what could have been? What are we missing? If we allow fear to push us around, we arrive 'safely' at the end leaving behind a life unlived.

Relight your curiosity spark and become a Life Explorer

This is why I show my clients how to be Life Explorers.
Because when the incredible power of curiosity is rekindled, you don't need self belief, courage,
or what the self help industry calls 'confidence'.

True self confidence is the ability to embrace life, to get out there and explore it.
And that's why our approach to confidence building is very different to anything you're likely to have come across.

Why many self help confidence approaches can leave you worse off

The trouble is, much self help causes more problems than it solves.
If you've ever felt guilty for not being positive enough, you'll know what I mean.

So much so-called personal development relies upon getting you excited, which feels great in the short term, but fades
quickly and is as much use when facing a difficult situation as a paper umbrella in a storm.

And a lot of self help makes things worse by getting you to focus more on yourself, worsening the cause of all self
confidence problems - self consciousness.

Formed of approaches
from human performance research
and tested over 2 decades with face-to-face clients

Safe to say

that you won't find affirmations,
'positive thinking', or endless hype in the Self Confidence Trainer course.


you'll discover a whole new approach to confidence - the Life Explorer approach.

Formed of approaches from human
performance research

and tested over 2 decades with face-to-face clients, the tools and techniques in the Self Confidence Trainer course will give you everything you need to forge forward in life, grasping every opportunity and enjoying every situation to its utmost potential.

Here's what you'll experience in the Self Confidence Trainer course...

1. The Most Important Factor
in Self Confidence

We all know that we have to try to think positively, but what about feeling positive?

Feeling are so much more powerful than thoughts,

and naturally confident people know how
to prepare emotionally for challenging situations.

Emotional preparation is vital because if your emotional state is wrong (too anxious, low energy or self conscious) all your natural skills go out the window, along with any other preparation you've done. Why? Well, simply put, your brain doesn't work well when you're anxious. And if you're very anxious, it works very badly!

And that's why the Self Confidence Trainer's hypnotic deep relaxation sessions are a "must have" to banish those under-confident thoughts that always pester you - you know the ones...

I don't know what

I'm going to do there

I try
to relax,

but I just get hot and flustered

I don't feel comfortable

speaking to these people

I just can't

think of what to say

I just

self conscious

I try
to think

but it doesn't seem to work

just dries

Because true self confidence is an effortless habit, these types of thoughts vanish. And when that happens, you can relax and enjoy every situation in your new Life Explorer mode.

2. Automatically Trigger
Self Confidence in Difficult Situations

If you feel yourself getting anxious, fearful or
under-confident in an important situation,

you need to be able
to recover quickly.

The Self Confidence Trainer course uses a proven and tested approach to give you a "confidence trigger," which can boost your self confidence almost instantly.

This is extremely useful, especially at first. After a while, you will use your trigger less and less as your self confidence becomes more natural to you.

The experience session in the course will set this trigger up for you so you can use it whenever and wherever you need it.

3. How to Relax - Whenever You Want

Being able to relax is a lot easier said than done.

yet it's the most important factor in controlling how you feel, and how you perform in life.

Once you know how, it's easy to relax in virtually any situation. It's simply a case of knowing how.

After all, even bomb disposal experts
can relax on the job!

How? Because they've learnt how! The Self Confidence Trainer Course is perfect for teaching this because it's different from common school learning.

4. How to Think Confidently

Now you have the feeling part of confidence sorted, we turn our attention to how you can further increase your confidence using your thoughts, with perspective changers like:

Why not to compare

yourself to others and what to do instead.

How people come across

as confident even when they don't feel that way.

The 7 strongest techniques

of confident people. Naturally confident people don't even think about confidence. Discover how they do it.

The biggest mistake

most self help programs make
self confidence and self esteem.

And how you can avoid

"Self Help Hell´┐Ż.

5. A Wealth of Helpful Ideas and New Perspectives

Know how to banish

that negative inner voice that sets you up for failure at just the worst time.

How to take a threatening situation and transform it into a challenge.

How to use

what children do to boost your self confidence several times over.

Why experiencing confusion

when learning or doing something new can be a good sign that you're on the right path, and how to relax with that.

And, with the tools

you take away from the Trainer, you won't have to
worry about poor
self confidence returning.

Know "these"
certain things

about yourself to feel at ease and look poised in virtually
any situation.

How to
overcome social anxiety.

The FOUR BONUS videos

in Version 3.0 of
the Self Confidence
Confidence Building Self Talk
the latest discovery about how to do self talk that instantly improves your mood and performance.

Confident Mindfulness on the Go

how to use the new science of mindfulness for confidence, but without having to sit down and meditate.


Relaxation Trainer

trains you in a quick and easy method to relax at will and calm your mind whenever you want to. This is a really quick and easy technique and after running the video a few times you'll be able to relax profoundly in less than two minutes, and many people can do it even quicker.


Negative Memory Healer

we all have those memories that we'd like to take some of the charge out of - you know, the sort of memories that make you feel embarrassed or even a little upset to think about and which undermine your confidence in the present. This session will help you move on from them.




When you join the course,you will receive a "Confidence Coach" email every 3 days for 6 weeks from Mark Tyrrell, the course leader to keep you motivated, on track and to ensure you get the very most from the course.

In summary...

As I've said,

the Self Confidence Trainer is not
your normal "excite 'em and leave 'em" program.

(I'm sure you have the experience of being really hyped
after an audio program or book, only to find that a week later nothing has changed?)

You'll soon discover that the Self Confidence Trainer delivers exactly what it promises - experiential sessions that make you feel more confident right away and solid strategies for improving your self confidence in virtually any situation.

It delivers on our promises by following a comprehensive, tried and tested process that we have used with real people over 20 years.

The latest version
of the Self Confidence Trainer

is now available

Thousands of people have bought the Trainer since its creation in 2001. We upgraded the program once during that time, and now it's had its second makeover, incorporating video containing the latest discoveries from psychological science about confidence and self belief.

The next few weeks can be a real turn around in your self confidence levels
whether you are looking for general self confidence, or confidence for particular situations such as social events, relationships, work, interviews, or public

The feeling that

"whatever happens, I'll be OK",

is a wonderful one.

It makes your life expand
and frees up extra

Isn't it about time
you became a real Life Explorer?

You'll get instant access to our online training portal Uncommon U so you can start using the Self Confidence Trainer immediately.


Please put your mind at rest - Uncommon Knowledge has been providing state-of-the-art personal development programs for over 15 years, so you can be confident you'll be well looked after. The Self Confidence Trainer Course has been used by thousands of people since 2001 but we realize that not all programs work equally well for everybody, so if you find this doesn't do what you wanted, simply let us know within 90 days and we will refund you in full, no questions asked.

Instant access to the course online

Instant access to the Self Confidence Trainer course online

Instant access to the course in our online training platform Uncommon U

Works on all computers, smartphones and tablets

When you purchase the course, you'll be opening the door to a whole new world of confidence, self acceptance and self belief. We've been doing this for a long time and I know that we can help you feel much, much more confident about yourself and your abilities. Give it a try - you're protected by our guarantee and I promise you'll be glad you did.

Read testimonials for the Self Confidence Trainer

Raquel Rodriguez

I purchased two programs from Hypnosis Downloads recently, the 10 Steps to Solid Self-Esteem and the Confidence Trainer. I also purchased a script and audio on pain relief. I was thinking of a special client I have and wanted to review the programs to assure they were suitable for her before I asked her to purchase them. After reviewing them, I was pleasantly surprised at the love and attention to detail that went into the programs and the script and at the high quality of their content. This site is truly an abundant archive of reference material for therapists and I feel completely confident about referring my clients and students to this site!

Raquel Rodriguez, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Instructor, Richmond, California, USA

"The self confidence trainer was perfect for me. I am a wife & a mother to 5 young kids. I was able to receive guidance in personal matters in the comfort in my home on my own schedule. I really loved that I could go at my own pace & I can re-visit it at any time I would like too. I was able to discover my own confidence that has been inside we all."

Taffee Nielson, stay at home mom, Utah, United States

"I got the Self Confidence Trainer course to help me with anxiety over a presentation I had to give. Since receiving several critical remarks on a presentation from someone senior in my company 4 years ago I have had a fear of public speaking. Before this incident I was only ever a little nervous before giving (approximately 50) presentations to groups of up to 100 or so people. To say the least this incident 4 years ago really threw me off my game. I worked through the printed course material, audios and hypnosis sessions in the weeks before this most recent presentation. I found the section on Performance Patterning particularly helpful. The presentation went perfectly, I was confident, relaxed, handled questions well and even threw in a little humor and banter with the audience - about a dozen senior leaders in my company. It was astonishing! Since then I've purchased additional courses to help with self-esteem, exercise motivation, and relationship issues and I am seeing improvements in all these areas as well. Thank you very much for creating the hypnosis downloads and making them available. I'm so grateful for the positive changes in my life."

Daniel Morgan, IT Systems Engineer, St Louis, Missouri, USA

"I don't have a specific before and after story, sorry. It's more subtle. Before the course, I would feel less than confident, identify with that, beat myself up, become even more self-conscious, openly mock myself for it, attract mixed response, feel embarrassed, feel even less confident etc. Now it's more: Feel less than confident, think "that's not very logical, is it?", and disassociate from the feeling enough to get on with the matter at hand. So I still get the feeling but I don't get so stuck in it. There is less need to seek external reassurance with the associated risk of attracting negative attention and feeling embarrassed. I am more able to just shrug it off myself."

Jean Stiven, Nurse, United Kingdom

"I like the way the confidence trainer can be done as and when I need it. Learning to spot negative self-talk is a valuable tool that could help anyone. This is a skill that could be used in schools. As a special needs assistant in a first school I would love youngsters to be able to learn about self-talk and how important it is to be kind to yourself rather than a harsh critic. Many children with anxiety have horrendously negative self-talk and if this were dealt with when it starts it could mean the difference between a life of anxiety and possibly depression and a life of adventure and self-love :-D"

Claire Wortley, Special needs assistant, Scotland

"I actually walk in to the gym feeling more relaxed & confident then before where I used to feel so self-conscious & uncomfortable. A gym if you can believe it, I was deathly afraid to even walk up to the door. :) This is just the beginning of a wonderful metamorphosis for me since the self-confidence trainer course!"

Kimberly Fox, Physician, Raleigh, North Carolina

"I have been following the course, just dipping in from time to time as and when time allows but I have already noticed an increase in confidence and an ability to relax in situations that I found difficult before such as talking in a room full of strangers at a business networking event."

Anonymous, Engineer, Switzerland

"I recently downloaded an used the the Self Confidence Trainer course and it has helped me immensely. One of my biggest fears has always been public speaking and I "knew" what I had to do to overcome this fear but I could never take myself to take the first steps. After following this program I made the call and joined my local Toastmasters Club and I already have given 2 speeches, something I never thought I would ever be able to do. It was still scary and I was still nervous but without the Self Confidence Trainer program and the skills and tools it has given me I would never even had made the phone call. I now know I can use these skills and tools in all areas of my life - excited :). Thank You"

Derek, electrical technician, Adelaide, Australia

"You are always there for me when I need you. And plenty of topics that are so familiar to my needs whenever, wherever. Your approach to helping me is always so creative so not just to help improve me but also keep inspiring me. thanks...!"

Hideto Kobayashi, Financial, New Zealand

Instant access to the course online

Instant access to the Self Confidence Trainer course online

Instant access to the course in our online training platform Uncommon U

Works on all computers, smartphones and tablets