Make Math Fun with the Overcome Math Anxiety for Kids Hypnosis Script

Help your child client relax deeply and connect with an alternate-dimension version of themselves who already enjoys and excels at math

Children have an innate curiosity about numbers, but as they go through school it is common for them to develop anxiety around math, which in turn prevents them from applying themselves to learning and developing in this area - and so the vicious cycle begins.

The Overcome Math Anxiety for Kids Hypnosis Script from The Script Collection was put together to help lift the anxiety your child client feels around math by helping them recognize and tap into their natural ability as they connect with an alternate-dimension version of themselves who already enjoys and excels at math.

The pre-talk begins with a very simple explanation of what hypnosis is all about, without actually referring to it as hypnosis. It normalises and sympathises with the experience of feeling overwhelmed or upset by math. It explains, however, that the human brain is naturally good at math, and that this session will help them tap into that skill so that they can get better at math and come to really enjoy it.

The induction takes it slow, gently encouraging the child to close their eyes then tense their whole body. This paves the way for deep relaxation when they then release all that tension. As they "let go completely," they are asked to notice the relaxation in their hands and feet, and just let themselves continue to relax deeper "in [their] own time."

We now hear the story of a girl called Beth, who "used to" be flustered by math. Already the use of past tense shows the child that math anxiety is something that can be overcome. The child feels supported and understood as the script explores the difficulties Beth had with math. A description of how Beth was guided to vividly imagine her favorite TV show helps the child do the same, but without the pressure of direct instruction.

Now the child is asked to imagine changing the program to one that shows themselves with a big grin, doing something they really enjoy. They are asked to let the screen become bigger and brighter until it is life-size, and then to merge into that screen to experience all the sights, sounds, and feelings of that time. Now they are instructed to make those feelings even stronger, to experience them as a "glowing good feeling" pulsing through them.

From this place of wellbeing, the child is asked to "imagine what it would be like" to now see a future version of themselves on the screen, feeling this same glowing light as they enjoy making sense of numbers. The child is given no time to question this sense of being calm and confident with math, as we return immediately to the example of Beth.

We consider the story of Albert Einstein, whose "teachers thought nothing would become of him" but who trusted in his brain's natural ability and went on to become "one of the greatest mathematical minds in history."

Embedded commands gently encourage the child to trust in themselves, as Einstein did, to "make sense of things" in their own way.

Now it is suggested that "in a parallel dimension" there exists already a version of the child who really enjoys math. As evidence, the child is prompted to recall that when they were younger, they loved counting and sorting objects, and reminded of the calculations their brain naturally performs in everyday life. It makes sense, then, that if math were presented in a different way, they could easily find that "math feels fun." This idea is repeated again and again with descriptions of how calm and confident their parallel self is, having practised math to the point where they "just know" the answers.

The child is now guided to take a walk along a path surrounded by greenery on a clear, warm day, feeling deeply relaxed, and coming upon a portal to that other dimension and stepping through to come face to face with "the you who is already good at math." Now a short countdown leads them to glide into this version of themselves, "tapping into [their] brain's natural brilliance" and feeling that glowing good feeling flowing through them again.

The script acknowledges here that it's okay to make mistakes, and that it can be enjoyable to learn from those mistakes - that this is "all part of the fun" as they build determination to get "better and better." They are guided to feel this determination and strength building within them as the "glowing golden light" sparkles through them, coming back with them into this dimension.

Again we return to Beth, as she is assured that many children like her have really surprised themselves by how much they ended up enjoying math. She is asked to consider how it will feel to enjoy math just 10% more, all the way through to enjoying it twice as much in future. Finally, the child is asked to consider how it will feel when they reach that point themselves, enjoying being really good at math.

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