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'Power Naps' Relaxation CD / Tape - 'Peaceful Moments'

Power Naps CD

Power Naps Relaxation CD

Running Time: 1hr 02 mins
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Four hypnosis 'power naps' for rejuvenating breaks from your busy schedule... like a cool mountain stream splashing through your mind...

A quick deep relaxation 'power nap' can do so much to improve your day, you'll...

  • Increase energy levels and motivation
  • Increase patience and frustration tolerance
  • Boost creativity
  • Improve performance with power naps at work
  • Improve emotional balance
  • Improve memory and learning
  • Feel more in control

How can simple relaxation do all this?

You know how you feel after a proper night's sleep? Almost anything seems possible doesn't it? Any problems have evaporated, stress has melted away, and you feel on top of the world!

Deep relaxation has the same effect. You can take 15 minutes out of a busy day and come back feeling refreshed, relaxed, creative and full of energy.

How can just 15 minutes make so much difference?

When you relax deeply, your brain changes gear. Rather than 'concentration' mode, (mostly left brain), you go into 'imaginative' mode (mainly right brain). This is the same as when you sleep at night.

Your brain has a natural rhythm that requires about 15 minutes of right-brain activity every 1 ½ to 2 hours. This happens naturally, unless you are too stressed, have too much to do, or have had too much caffeine!

An everyday example of this is when you give up trying to fix something, or stop thinking about something because it's too worrisome. You go away, take a break, and just when you're thinking about something else, POP! The answer leaps into your mind. Your brain has switched gear and found the answer for you.

Relaxing deeply in this way helps your brain do its best for you - and you'll be amazed at just what it can do!

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Peaceful Moments CD

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