How to Change From Introvert to Extrovert - When You Want to!

Use hypnosis to train your brain to be more comfortable with 'extrovert' behavior

Introvert to Extrovert

For introverts, situations requiring extroversion can feel scary or exhausting.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can train your brain to change from introvert to extrovert when you need to.

This doesn't mean you're going to permanently be an extrovert - there are a lot of benefits to introversion.

But it does mean you'll have an extrovert attitude on tap when you need it.

What does it mean to be an introvert?

Chances are you've done a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator at work, or some other personality test like the Big 5, and been labelled an 'introvert'.

This doesn't mean you're socially inept or shy, it just means you prefer to get your energy from yourself. Extroverts by comparison, get their energy from being immersed in company.

Is it really possible to go from introvert to extrovert? Society loves a label, and we readily assign people to a category and consider this a settled part of their identity.

But in fact we are much freer to choose our place on the introversion/extroversion spectrum than you might believe.

All about introversion and extroversion

The terms 'introversion' and 'extroversion' refer to people's main source of energy and interest in life.

Introverts typically get the most satisfaction and enjoyment from their own inner life - what's going on in their own heads or emotions.

Extroverts typically get their satisfaction from relating to what is outside themselves - especially other people. Introverts imagine that going from introvert to extrovert is beyond them.

Why extroverts get more attention

Of course, as nobody can see what goes on inside an introvert, but everybody can see what an extrovert is doing, extroverts tend to get more attention from others - including from introverts.

This has numerous social and professional implications, as you are no doubt aware.  Sometimes introverts have to bust through their comfort zone and learn how to get energy when they're in a team or with groups.

Can you do anything about your 'personality'?

Popular psychology loves the easy classification, and the simple 'either/or'. You are either a Type A person or a Type B person. You are either an Introvert or an Extrovert.

But this black and white approach doesn't really match up to how we actually experience life. It's true that some 50% of our 'personality' comes from our genetic inheritance, which we're stuck with. But clearly, that's only half the story.

You do indeed start with a genetic inheritance, which may give you a natural 'base point' on the spectrum that you tend to 'come home to' and feel most comfortable at.

But the other half is the product of your upbringing, your society, your circumstances, your beliefs, your opportunities - and your choices. And you can choose, when it suits, to go from introvert to extrovert, to a degree that is comfortable for you.

So just how do you go about tripping the introvert to extrovert switch?

To be more extrovert, it helps to be an introvert...

The trick is to get yourself more comfortable with extroverted ways without feeling that this means you are obliged to be extroverted all the time. It's about developing a flexibility of response that you can deploy in different contexts, and giving yourself more options.

The easiest way to start developing these skills is to do something you are already good at - going into your inner world, and then using it as a springboard to take you out.

Using hypnosis to go from introvert to extrovert

Be More Extrovert is an audio hypnosis session which makes specific use of the strengths of the introvert to develop new skills. As you find yourself relaxing deeply to the Be More Extrovert session, you'll find that your self-understanding increases at the same time as your extroversion range expands.

You'll learn how to use the 'theatre of the mind' to influence not only inner reality, but outer reality. With the help of this gentle, permissive hypnosis session, you'll find yourself spontaneously using extrovert approaches when these are best suited to your requirements, without even thinking about it.

Download Be More Extrovert now and discover how far you can go. You can listen on your computer or device or via our free app which you can access when you have completed your purchase.

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