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Children's Hypnosis Downloads

Not sure if this is right for your child? Listen to a sample of the 'Shy Child' download.

Many problems of childhood pass naturally in time, but when a little extra help is required, Hypnosis for Children is a gentle and natural way to get things moving. When your child listens to these hypnosis downloads, what they will hear is a lilting, absorbing story that is perfect for bedtime.

Stories have been used to educate and provide help for as long as man has sat round fires; the pattern of the story works at an unconscious level to provide a new 'template' for future behavior.

Each of the downloads within this section is prefaced with only a short introduction from the narrator stating "welcome to the Uncommon Knowledge Children's Series' without any reference to hypnosis. And each download finishes without any fanfare so that your child can drift naturally into sleep.

And if you would rather read the story to your child yourself, you can buy the script from the Hypnosis for Children Hypnosis Scripts section.

* Please note that all downloads in this section, as with all our downloads, must be purchased by someone over 18. The content must be assessed by the child's parent or guardian as suitable before it is listened to by the child.

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